Thursday, January 16, 2014

This Little Lady Has a Shoe Fetish

Warning:  Lots of grandchild pics ahead!  Don't read this.  (Unless you want to enjoy some unbelievable cuteness that will just make your day.)

Earlier today I made the two hour road trip heading south to meet up with daughter Lindsay for several days.  The purpose of this visit is to see this little stinklet,

and to plan a baby shower for daughter number three, Sarah.  And no, it's not a surprise shower, so no spoiler here.  And yes, the fact that she knows we are here, and she is there, and we are working on her shower, will torment her greatly.  Hee hee.

Anyway, I digress.

Is it possible for a two year old to have a shoe fetish?  I believe little Ellie does.  She is fascinated with shoes - the fancier, sparklier, gaudier, higher heeled the better.  Sneakers do not do "it" for this gal.  They are too boring.  

No, she wants the fancy, schmancy, glamorous stuff, and she's been this way since just about the day she started walking.

Here are a few shots of her and her shoe adventures.  First, her arrival on Christmas day, wearing stylish toddler boots.  With heels. 

If allowed, she would keep these heeled boots on for hours.  Plus, she matches Mom.

For girly girl Ellie, pink is always a good fashion choice, too.  It's irrelevant that she could fit four of each foot in those shoes.

And then, for a night on the town (going to Grandma's and then maybe a drive to look at the Christmas lights), why not something a little edgier?

New Year's Eve, now that's an occasion to pull out all the stops and wear the glitziest shoes one can find.  Ellie's got it right.

And finally, Ellie told me that red is becoming the "new black."  She thinks everyone should have a basic, comfortable, functional, every day pair of red walking shoes.

Maybe Ellie's middle name should be Dorothy, instead of Joy.  

Nah, this little girl gives us all lots and lots of  JOY, shoes or not.  Ellie Joy.  

Just perfect.


  1. Hope she will have a huge closet in her house when she gets a little older. She will out do Imelda Marcos. Remember her and her shoes?

    1. Yes I do. Ellie will also need a fat wallet to have that many shoes.

  2. Nice, and a bit worried:( I have noticed that my 2 year old granddaughter seems to have a lot of interest in foot wear already:)

  3. I bet our granddaughters would get along just fine.