Sunday, January 26, 2014

Traipsin' - Day Two

Yesterday I chronicled my adventures of traipsin' all over tarnation for the past week and a half.  After a week at daughter Lindsay's home, and a whirlwind overnighter at our little cabin in the mountains, I wrapped up the adventures with one last day of shopping and dance.

No I wasn't dancing because the shopping was over. I'll get to the dance part later.  First, we needed to get ourselves down off the mountain and back into civilization, before any shopping/dancing could happen.

On our way out, and not far from our little cabin, we spotted these four deer.  Their coats and bodies looked to be in good health, so apparently the frigid temperatures this winter aren't harming them.

Because the air was so cold (2 degrees), the snow looked as though there were tiny diamonds scattered across its surface.

Seeing those deer in that twinkly snowy area was like passing through our own winter wonderland.  Just so quiet and beautiful.

And then, it was back onto the main road and a very treacherous drive down the mountain.   Navigating the steep sections of the road, covered with repeated layers of ice and packed snow, was an inch by inch crawl.

Thankfully we arrived home safely, where we took a brief break to order three Ravensburger 1000 piece puzzles from the online puzzle store before heading to our next destination.  Random.  I know.

Next we spent the majority of the afternoon shopping to outfit a new kitchen.  Our new building project is getting close to the point where we will be needing everything ready to make it move-in-able.

I had made an inventory list of all the items in the kitchen of our old little cabin, and after listing each cooking utensil, pan, dish, casserole bowl, sieve, mixer, etc., my list ended up being four pages long.

Three overflowing shopping carts later, we had purchased most of the items on the list.  It's no small deal to set up housekeeping from scratch, for a kitchen that will be used to feed large family groups at times.  Also, it has been such a long time since I set up my own kitchen, that I don't realize how much stuff really is in all those drawers and cabinets.

Here is just a small portion of our stuff, added to the "New Lodge Holding Pile."  It's taking over my office, little by little.

The day wasn't over yet, as there was just one more adventure awaiting me in the evening.  Missing my hubby, as I had been away from him over a week while I was traipsin,' I was glad he had planned a special date night for us.

We headed out to Bucknell University's Weis Center to see a performance by Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal.

Let me just say this - he must really love me.  This type of show, well, let's be honest, any type of dance show, jazz or other, is definitely not his cup of tea.  The fact that he suggested this one, and followed through and actually took me, really says something.

I will even forgive the fact that he slept through the majority of the first half of the show.  At least he wasn't snoring or drooling, so I let him go.  He redeemed himself by watching almost the entire second act.

Neither of us really "gets" the whole jazz/modern dance stuff, but it was something new and a little different for us.  We're more the "watch a movie while eating popcorn" type, so this date really stretched our typical entertainment boundaries.  We even agreed that we sorta kinda maybe liked it.  At least parts of it.

Upon arriving home, I fell into bed, exhausted.  A lot had been packed into the last nine days for me.  I was looking forward to a good night of sleep, and a few hours to rest before our grandtwins arrived for a Saturday night sleepover.

Not really much rest for the weary.

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  1. Nice to see all those deer. Those back roads remind me when I was younger we used to ski behind cars (tied a rope to the pumper and put on snow skis and away we would go) on those snow covered roads. Boy, do I have some stories about those great times. Thanks for jogging my memories.