Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Switcheroo

Whenever each next season rolls around, I like to change out my bathrooms and bedrooms.  I don't know why.  It just makes me happy.

I'm not talking about major renovations, garsh no.  I'm done with that for a while.  No, I'm talking about cosmetic makeovers - towels, wall hangings, bedspreads.  And I don't buy new stuff each season.  I have numerous sets that I use over and over.  Then after several years I donate them to the kids for their homes.  Then when they are tired of them, they donate them to somebody else.  My sets are somewhat color themed to the season.

So now that Spring has arrived (at precisely 7:02 AM EST yesterday morning), it's time to show you what I did with one of my bathrooms.

I wanted something really bright and cheerful, since this has been the grayest and dreariest and most never-ending Winter EVER, so I picked kelly green and bright orange to be the color scheme for our downstairs bathroom.

Side note:  If I will be having heel surgery, and it looks like that is a fairly good possibility, I won't be able to go up the 13 stairs to our second floor for a good long while.  Therefore, this downstairs bathroom will be what I use, and I need it to ooze brightness and happiness to me.  Enough to practically launch me in and out of the shower, and up and down off the toilet, all one-legged and happy-like.

But first, let me show you the wall decor I put together.

I started with some plain card stock and cut two pieces sized 8 inches by 8 inches.  I wanted two square pictures, but I learned later that it's easy to find 8 x 10 frames, but not so easy to find frames for 8 x 8.  Keep that in mind if you try this.

I got out some decorative tapes in greens along with some neutral browns and started taping pieces onto the paper to make some sort of a pattern.

I basically went down, over, down, over, etc. and pressed any excess tape around onto the back.

I planned to do the same thing with my collection of orange tapes, until I looked and discovered I had NO oranges tapes.  I should have checked this before starting, but whatever.  Plan B made use of orange colored papers, cut into strips of various sizes, along with those neutral brown tapes.

This time I started my design with a diagonal brown tape and glued the paper strips away from that strip.  Here's a closer view:

After framing the two designs, I decided to add a bit of whimsy and put some flower embellishments on the outside of the glass, just for fun.

Here are the finished pieces, hung in the all important spot right above the toilet.  Wouldn't want to be bored while doing your business now, would you?

I felt like there was still a little sumthin sumthin needed on the sink, so I plopped some orange flowers into an old vase and added a strip of washi tape to doll it up.

I'm liking the way it all came together.

And here's a wider view of most of the room:

It speaks Spring to me.  The colors make me feel happy.

Now, if the weather OUTSIDE would only act like Spring, too....


  1. Mom, that looks really good! I like the pictures you made and the colors are great! L

  2. Done good, I like your paper art and the colors in your bathroom.