Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Road Trip South

I headed out this morning on my way south toward daughter Lindsay's home.  All the way I kept telling myself that South is where the sun is.  It made the two hour trip pass by quickly.  Remarkably, today has been the first sunny day in quite a LONG while, both at home and here at Lindsay's.

The reason for this trip is to lend moral support to Lindsay, her husband Todd, and granddaughter Ellie as Ellie is having tubes inserted into her ears tomorrow morning first thing.  I know from parenting my own children that these things are often more stressful and frightening for the parents than the patient.

As usual Ellie will arrive for her procedure in diva style, wearing her very own mini scrub suit.

As you can see, her scrubs, lab coat, and surgical cap are appropriately accompanied by a medical kit, stethoscope and thermometer.

Although none of my children ever had this procedure done, I hear nowadays it's fairly common.  When a child has had a qualifying number of ear infections within a set amount of time, the child is eligible for ear tubes.  Usually they fall out on their own after some time.

Hopefully this minor surgery will give Ellie some relief.  She hardly finishes a round of antibiotics before the next infection begins, and this has been going on for some time.

In other news, the ugly immobilization boot came along with me for the trip on my left foot.  No sooner did I arrive at Lindsay's home, than she demanded I let her "pimp it up."

Here is the finished snazzy boot:

That Lindsay, she's just so crafty.  I wonder where she gets that.

I knew if I drove south far enough today, I'd find the sun.  Just look at this bright little patch of sunshine I found!

Here's hoping the surgery goes well tomorrow and gives Ellie some well-deserved relief.  One thing is for sure though - she'll certainly be one of the cutest patients they treat.

And that's simply this fully-biased Germall's opinion.


  1. She sure is a cutie. Back when I was growing up I was plagued with ear aches and my drums broke many times. I now wear hearing aids. I don't know if that was part of the cause or just plain old age.

  2. She will be so cute in her outfit. My daughter had ear tubes and they helped her so much.

  3. She will be irresistible tomorrow in her special outfit. I hope they don't make her too unhappy. I wouldn't want to see her cry.

  4. Your granddaughter is such a doll and she will look smashing in her little scrubs.

    Loved your pimped up immobilization boot :)

  5. OMGOMGOMG! Soooooo cute! I want one! Can you share, please? heehee She is adorable Germall.

    And if you can't love that boot now? There is simply no hope for mankind. It's the skull, I have to say. ::grinning::

    Both my nieces [31 and 26 now] had the tubes way back in the day. It was an easy, safe procedure then and the difference and relief were not only immediate, but amazing. It is never a thing we wish for our children, but in this case your precious granddaughter will be grinning even more [if that's possible.]

    Enjoy your sunshine! xo Skippy