Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Craft #4

I've been getting all my ducks in a row for Spring and Easter decorating, or in this case, bunnies in a row.  Today I'll show you the very simple and cheap wall hanging I put together to hang by our kitchen table.

I knew when I saw this on Pinterest that I would need one for myself, so I'm giving credit here to the true creator of this idea.  Gen shared this Bunny Family Portrait in her 4/7/12 post of her blog   colormedomestic.blogspot.com.

What I especially liked about making this was that it was very cheap and easy.  The only expense for me was the platter ($1.00 at the Dollar Store) and the tiny pom poms (about 49 cents at a craft store).  I had everything else on hand.

Here's what you need:

A platter for the background

Plain paper to make patterns

Spray paint

Colored papers

Tiny pom poms

Narrow ribbon in three colors

Glue gun and a glue stick


1.  Start by tracing the shape of the flat part of the dish to make the background shapes.  The sky part will be the whole oval, and then the grass part will be part of the oval.

Draw your bunny shapes or find some on the internet.  I made mine in three sizes.  (See above.)  Be sure your bunnies are in sizes that will fit well into the plate.  Select your colored papers and then trace and cut out your backgrounds and bunnies.

2.  Use your glue stick and carefully glue all bunnies onto the background pieces.  I like the way they can overlap, and how the ears can flop either to the left or to the right, depending how you trace your patterns.

3.  Spray paint your platter in the color of your choice and allow to dry for several hours or overnight.

4.  Glue the bunny family onto the platter.  Using your glue gun, affix tiny pom pom bunny tails.

5.  You will need a way to hang the piece, and I made a simple braid out of three narrow ribbons.  I stapled the ends together, and anchored the end to my table with tape for ease of braiding.

6.  When the braid is finished use the glue gun to affix the ends onto the back of the dish.

7.  Hang it!

Now that's one happy little bunny family!  


  1. Ah, what a cute wall hanging. Grandkids would love it.