Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back To School

I got my marching orders from The Boss last night, along with all the necessary details for today's rendezvous point and subsequent mission.

After preparing myself, I drove the 15 miles and found a spot to leave my vehicle.

The elementary school
I approached the entryway and pressed the access button on the security panel, all the while aware of the video camera focused on my face. 

After a brief wait, the chief inside at command central asked me to identify myself, and then gave me the needed clearance to open the door and enter the facility.

Once inside, I followed the indicators straight to command central, where my presence was recorded into the official log book.  Then I was given appropriate identification to wear throughout the mission.  My true identity of "Germall" was disguised by a badge I wore labelled "Visitor."

Neither my body nor my very large bag was searched.  I wondered about this.  How could the chief and her associates be sure there was no weapon of desk destruction chewing gum in there?

The chief issued directions as to where the rendezvous with the twin subjects would take place.  (Last night their boss had indicated to me that they were "beyond excited" about this meeting.)

I spied them in the cafeteria, ready with their lunch boxes, waiting for me.  They directed me to sit across from them on the built-only-for-munchkins cafeteria table bench.   I was able to fit only about 1/2 of one cheek of my arse on there, but I knew our time would be brief, so I kept my sufferings to myself.

There was so much excitement among the twins at having lunch with Germall, that barely any food or drink was consumed.  There was much constant babbling pleasant conversation and the noise in the room was deafening.

After the meal the mission continued as the three of us moved down the hall and shopped together for educational materials at the annual book fair.  They each found a necessary Secret Agent Pen.  Oh, and a book, too.

Finally, each student was dropped off by yours truly, at the appropriate cubicle for the promotion of mental development.

Tori and Brianna
Lunch, check.
Books purchased, check.
Twins returned to class, check.
Mission accomplished.

After returning my identification badge to the chief, I was allowed to exit, and the door locked behind me.

All was secure again, and that's a very good thing.


  1. Haha that's funny, they were soooooo excited. That is true though, they don't search your bags after they let you in...Rachel

  2. lol I teach 2nd grade and the secret agent pens were very popular at my school a couple of weeks ago! The noise in our cafeteria is also deafening! Glad you and the twins survived!!

  3. No doubt you will be repeating this mission again, and soon.

  4. awww what a great day for you!!! Building memories..they are cuties

  5. I got a real joy out of your story. The contents, of course, but the way you told it was just great!!!

  6. Funny Grandma, very funny. :)
    They check our bags here, but probably to make sure we don't have tasers in case the teenagers get unruly. Ha.

    And you are not kidding about the noise. WOW. Even the lights off trick doesn't work at lunchtime. The cafeteria ladies should get combat pay.

    They're so cute. Glad you had such a great time. Nice story telling too.