Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Craft #3 - FAIL!

WARNING!!!  Do not try this at home.

It does not work.  It looks stupid.  I am not Martha Stewart.

And, I have blisters on my fingers from the glue gun adding to my miserable sense of failure.

Somewhere sometime last Spring, I saw a wreath on someone's door made with some of those marshmallow peeps.  Now I have always hated those things.  Couldn't ever see any reason to eat them or have them around in our Easter candy baskets.

However, when I saw that wreath, I thought to myself that I had finally seen a good, and maybe even cute, use for marshmallow peeps.

So, in my moment of creative stupidity, I charged ahead.  For whatever reason, I don't know, I changed the plan and purchased marshmallow bunnies, along with a grapevine wreath form and some ribbons.  I had my trusty glue gun plugged in, hot, and ready to rock and roll.

Let me tell you, the hardest part of this project was getting the cellophane shrink wrap off of the wreath form.  Probably took me longer than the whole rest of the process.  Not only that, but my work area was so filthy and littered from wreath debris when I did get it uncovered, that I decided right away to cover up the whole darn thing with ribbon.  This may be where I went wrong with the artistry.  Now that it's all done, I think I should have wrapped the ribbon at intervals so that the vines in the wreath showed through.

First I glued and wrapped the green background ribbon covering.  Then I glued and wrapped the flowered yellow ribbon.  By now my fingertips were blistered from all the pulling and accidental touching of the hot glue.  I had kept aside a piece of ribbon to use as a hanger.

Finally I glued on the bunnies, leaving a space for the hanger ribbon to go around.  I did not eat a one.  Trust me on that.  This wreath required exactly one box of bunnies.

Ugh.  I am showing it to you here, but I hate it.  I'm glad I didn't spend much on the ingredients.

Stay tuned though.  We still have two weeks until Easter, and I do have a few more Spring/Easter crafts to show you.  And they were successes!  Also it will soon be time for the spectacular Spring/Easter mantle reveal.

But for now, I hope the squirrels or birds carry away every single one of those ugly marshmallow bunnies.



  1. Well, I personally don't think it's all that bad. It's really quite cute. But I had to laugh at the hope that squirrels or birds carry it away. I wouldn't even have attempted it in the first place.

  2. Let us know how long it takes for the wildlife to discover a new food source. That was an unique idea, very nice.

  3. It's not that bad. Certainly cute enough for one Easter season. I had to laugh at your distaste for the Peeps. I have a friend who loves them so much, she used to buy them and put them in her freezer at Easter time before they came popular for other seasons. She roasts them over a campfire like marshmallows. You have to be very careful though because the sugar coating can burn easily and can also burn your tongue if you eat it too quickly. I'm with you, not for me.

  4. If I hung that on my front door, it would be covered with ants in no time! I like the idea but I think I would use something other than marshmallow bunnies. Yours is cute though.

  5. I don't think it is bad at all. Turned out pretty cute AND you didn't eat any of them :)

  6. how did the marshmellows not melt with the glue? Mom, these people are all being too nice, Iagree with you, its a dud lol. Your other crafts are so much neater :) put it down low and let sheila accidently go bunny hunting. Rachel

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