Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter/Spring Mantel Reveal

It's time to show all of those Spring and Easter crafts I've been working on put in their final places up on our fireplace mantel.  Here's the St. Patrick's Day mantel decor as it was before this latest switcheroo:

Lotta green there.  Now onto the next display, but first, a little of my own philosophy.  

I personally do not think that the message of Easter (new life through Jesus Christ) and the appearance of Spring bunnies, chicks, and eggs needs to be kept separate.  To me it all comes together in the amazing and inspiring reminder of hope and new life.  

Therefore I've collected some of each together on my 2013 Easter/Spring mantel.  

First, let's look at what all will be up there.  If you want to read about how I did the twine wrapped bottles, go here.  Then you can read about my first experience making string eggs in this post.  

Finally, I need to show you the last piece, the centerpiece of the display.  I found a free sign about the meaning of Easter on the internet and printed it out in pastel colors.  

Because I simply printed it out on a flimsy piece of printer paper, I needed to find a way of making it look good enough to be the highlight of all the stuff on the mantel.  

I found a large frame in a color matching the wording of the print, and then I glued strips of colored scrapbook papers on the frame backboard to make somewhat of a mat effect.  

And here it is, front and center.  I like how it is the first thing to draw your eye up there when you enter the room.  I placed some old store-bought spring things that I excavated out of storage on either side.

Here are those twine decorated bottles I recycled.  They kind of give an earthy, natural look to the display, and blend in nicely with the background stones.

On the other side of the mantel is a tree all decked out with those string eggs we had fun making.

And there it is folks:

I'm ready now, in my heart and my home, for the Easter holiday.  May you all enjoy a blessed Easter and Spring with those you love.


  1. Great job Jill! Looks beautiful. I love the sign!

  2. This post reminds me how much I've always wanted a fireplace. Not for the fire, but for the mantle.

  3. Spring and the Easter message, I love how you pulled it all together!!!Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Great job, thanks for sharing it with us and Happy Easter!

  5. I am glad you celebrate Easter the way you do.

  6. PERFECT! Your decorations are so inspiring. Do you know I loved your St. Pat's so much that I made the wreath and decorated everything in sight with green. It was pretty cool, but I never really got pics' or posted the ones I did take. Sigh.

    Now Easter will be here Sunday and I have a house full of guests coming for what is going to be the Easter of my [sort of?] young life - and I have barely the time to do anything even remotely as cute as what you put together.

    Okay, Jill. Name your price. Airline ticket included. How much is it going to cost me to get your here before 5 pm on Saturday to spiff up my house? ::giggle:: And I will even invite you to the wedding. Better yet, you can be my "flower girl". Goodness knows you would whip up your own beautiful basket.

    Love ya! And enjoy your Easter. Hugs, Skip