Thursday, March 14, 2013

Postcards From Lancaster, PA

Although I've been home now several days from my mini-vacation to daughter Lindsay's home in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I have a few remaining photos and updates to share with you.

The main reason I had gone was to offer grandmotherly support to daughter Lindsay and her family as little Ellie had minor surgery to have ear tubes implanted.  She has had so many inner ear infections over the last year, that the doc said tubes are what she needs.

The surgery went smoothly, and Ellie was allowed to return home after only a few hours.  After the last effects of the sedation were gone, Ellie was one happy kid.  Smiling, laughing, and just happily playing and running all around the house.

Lindsay asked me if I thought it was possible that Ellie could be feeling different already.  It certainly seemed to be the case.

Of course, Ellie and her big brother Jarrod are just crazy about each other, as you can easily see in these pictures.  They are always so happy to see each other when Jarrod comes home from school in the afternoon, and they love to carry on with each other.

He tickles her, she giggles, and then she lets him know he should do it again.  He can even steal her bottle from her and she thinks that's funny, too.  

When she giggles, I giggle.  I can't help it. She's just too cute.  And they are so much fun to watch together.  Obviously, some day Jarrod will be a wonderful father.

Ellie had her one week follow-up the other day, and the tubes are still in place and working as they should.  There was a momentary scare the other day that perhaps she had lost one of them, though.  Ellie handed her mother a tiny blue item that looked like a piece of a miniscule blue straw, and they all wondered if one of the tubes had fallen out.  The doctor assured them that if they had found a tube, that would mean that their eyesight is bionic, for the tubes are only about the size of two pinheads.

Brickerville House - original General Store area
Other memories from this trip include a visit for breakfast to the historic Brickerville House.  The original home was built by John and Barbara Bricker in 1753, and is on the historical buildings list in Lancaster County.

Another view of the General Store area
The original portion of the house served as a local post office, polling place, stage coach stop, and tavern over the years. We were seated for our meal in a room which was used back then as a general store and which contained a very large open fireplace for cooking meals.

Of course I had to try the cheese omelet platter.  That is the measuring stick I use to compare all restaurant breakfasts, it seems.  The meal was delicious, and although not the best cheese omelet I have ever had (I rate it a 9/10), it was very satisfying.

As I enjoyed my meal, I found myself trying to imagine what it must be like to cook for a large crew of people over a fire in a fireplace like the one near our table.

I've traveled to other historic towns including Williamsburg, Virginia and Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts where actors in period costumes actually prepare meals and show how our predecessors worked and lived.

I'm always reminded to be thankful for how modern advances have made life so much easier for us now.  Then I try to imagine ahead a hundred years, and my brain just doesn't seem to want to go there.

The last photo I have to show is from the property of September Farms, a family owned cheese manufacturing business in Lancaster County.  I had been there before with Lindsay and we were returning to buy more of their fine cheeses.  Their farm and property are immaculate and these horses were grazing right near the parking area.

So it was a fully enjoyable and relaxing trip, Ellie's recovering nicely, and now I'm home, settled in, and looking forward to the next adventure.  Life is good.

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  1. Glad you had a good trip, that the granddaughter is feeling so good, and that you got home safe. Count your blessings.