Monday, March 11, 2013

One Out Of Seven

That would be 1/7.

Or about 0.14285714285.

Or one of seven.

Or 1 : 7.

Or one per seven.

Yes, that's about how often we neither cook dinner at our home nor dine out each week.  One day out of seven.

That means it's FEND FOR THYSELF night when that happens.   Last night was one of those nights.

The husband/lover/best friend likes those nights.  He is content to simply enjoy a bowl of cereal or three.  Frankly, he would probably be OK having cereal most nights of the week.

I, on the other hand, do not like cereal.  On FEND FOR THYSELF night, I usually put a plate together of miscellaneous stuff, like cheese and crackers, pickles, maybe a half of a banana, and oh, throw on some potato chips for good measure.  Well, let's be honest here, throw on LOTS of chips.

Sometimes FEND night means eat popcorn followed by ice cream.  That's good too.

Sometimes there is leftover pizza in the refrigerator, although that cannot truly be considered FENDING.  Even though I think that is a wonderful meal, that would be called LEFTOVERS night.

We usually have LEFTOVERS night at least once per week also.  One out of seven.  I do not like to waste food, so I am pretty conscientious about using our leftovers.

If you are doing the math, and boy do I lovvvvve math, you have calculated that on two nights of every seven, we are taking it easy in the kitchen.

There is only one bad thing about FEND FOR THYSELF night.  That is, I too often wake up the next morning, way too early, starving.

Still, sometimes having a night off from kitchen duty is worth a little suffering.


  1. It is a tuna sandwich for me when we fend for ourselves. We call it the same thing :)

  2. My fending for myself is almond butter and jelly on crackers.