Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This 'n That

I just got back home late yesterday after being away for 2 1/2 weeks.  You all know how it is - there's unpacking to be done, laundry, mail to sort, bills to pay, and just the general settling in and organizing.

So today I just thought I'd clean out my photo files, and show you some of the odd stuff I've been collecting in there for a while.  That's the fun part of carrying a large purse and a small camera.  I can take a picture any time of anything anywhere that trips my trigger.

Here goes:

1.  For some unknown reason, I enjoy finding and taking photos of BIG STUFF.  Here are two of my latest finds:

This business is in Lancaster County, PA
I took this picture near Bowling Green, Ohio

2.  And speaking of chickens, this chicken was out in front of my doctor's building when I was leaving.  The building is in an urban area, so this is just weird.  "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

...To avoid getting his flu shot.
3.  This is still the cutest grandbaby in the whole world.

A little overkill on the bath crayons?  Nah.
4.  And what's wrong with this picture?

Who's in charge here?
5.  This next picture was taken of an Amish farm in central Pennsylvania:

That's a lot of diapers! 
6.  I think this is a clever idea:

7.  Tree porn?

And this one's even worse:

8.  Are these not the ugliest cats ever?  Yes.

Pretty cat watching uglies
9.  I hit the jackpot today, doing the laundry:

Some days it just doesn't take a whole lot to amuse me, does it?

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  1. I enjoyed all the photos.. I was smiling til the last one :)