Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our Problem With Schleck

Let's just say our family likes schleck.  We really like schleck, schleck being any collection of baked goods or pastries.  "Schleck" is basically our fond word for something of which we are quite fond.  When we talk about schleck, we all know exactly what is meant.

So then, on our recent family Thanksgiving getaway, we brought some schleck along, as usual.  However, whoever did the menu calculations and planning, (that would be moi), basically screwed up.

Somehow, after five days at the cabin had passed, we found ourselves completely out of schleck.  No donuts, no cake, no leftover pumpkin pie, no cookies, not even any tastycakes or packaged cheap pastries made with oodles of artificial ingredients.  Not even any jello.

In our family, this is a crisis of major proportions.

Something had to be done.

We developed a plan, as we knew two more relatives would be arriving on that same day when we were becoming desperate.  Using a little creativity, we decided to let them know as they arrived that we were in a bind.  Hopefully they would relieve us of our suffering.

Family members constructed a series of signs to announce our cry for help.  This first sign we left on the outermost gate into our property:

This next sign was posted a bit further into the property and is hard to miss:

And finally, upon arriving at the cabin, they surely couldn't miss this sign:

The outcome?  Did they bring what we needed?   No.  No.  No.  

Ultimately several of the men were forced to make a run into town, which is about a half hour drive, and they stocked us up.  

Our schleck lasted through the end of our getaway, and all was well with the world.  

It's just our family thing, I guess.  There are just some things one cannot live without.

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  1. Although we don't call it schleck this is completely US TOO! Running out of baked goodies/sweets? ARGH! As long as I have the basics of flour, sugar and some type of fat I can conncoct something, but if I was at our vacation home [like your cabin] it too would be an iffy proposition with the store being as far away.
    Glad the men came through. :)