Friday, December 21, 2012

Peppermint Christmas Dessert

While I was recently staying at daughter Sarah and son-in-law Lance's home, Lance announced that he would be needing to take a dessert to a Christmas party to which they had been invited.

Since Sarah was recouperating from surgery, she wouldn't be going to the party, nor would she be preparing an elaborate dessert for him to take.  As I was not overly familiar with their kitchen and where supplies were located, I looked for a very simple recipe.

I decided to amend a recipe I had found, and the result is this Peppermint Pudding Dessert.  It was so quick to make, and absolutely delicious.  Easy, attractive, and scrumptious - this recipe is a keeper.

Gather up these 5 ingredients:

1 box white chocolate flavored pudding mix
Winter oreos (they have red colored filling)
Cool Whip - we made this dessert "healthy" by using fat free cool whip
Milk - we used skim milk, so I think you could say this dessert is truly health food
Candy canes


Make the pudding mix with milk according to the directions on the box.
Put pudding mixture into the refrigerator while you work on the oreos and candy canes.
Put some oreos into a large ziploc plastic bag, and use a meat pounder to smash them into small pieces.  (Your choice as to how many cookies to use.  I used a lot.)
Put some candy canes into another ziploc bag and smash them too.

Now put it all together like this:

First layer a few candy cane pieces on the bottom of your serving dish.
Next put half the pudding mixture in.  Spread cool whip on top of that.  (I like cool whip.  I used a lot.)
Sprinkle the pudding with half of the crushed oreos and some candy cane pieces.
Put the rest of the pudding mix in, topped by more cool whip and the remaining oreos and candy cane pieces.

Decorate the top with a few candy canes if you like.  Now it looks party-worthy.

Since we weren't sure Lance would be actually staying the length of the entire party, we put our dessert into a disposable plastic container.  That way he wouldn't have to worry about bringing his dish home.

Now that I write this, I'm thinking I probably should have posted this recipe several weeks ago. Many Christmas parties have already happened.  Oh well.

But wait, I have company coming in two days.  Maybe I'll do a rerun of this delectable dish.

There's always those candy canes that need to be used up, right?



  1. That is fantastic! Very Christmasy! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Jill! :)

  2. love it..and am writing it down for future use...Merry christmas to you and your family....