Friday, December 14, 2012

Finding A Christmas Tree on Top of the Mountain

As many of you have read in some of my late November posts, some of our children and grandchildren spent the Thanksgiving holiday and afterwards with us at our family cabin, way up in the mountains of north-central Pennsylvania.

And I mean, literally up there on the mountain.

So when somebody came up with the idea of finding ourselves a little Christmas tree, we literally got out on the four wheelers and went and dug one up.

First we had some good old fashioned family fun around the kitchen table, creating some homemade decorations to put on the tree. Twins Tori and Brianna enjoyed making snowmen and gingerbread men.

There were also some green paper Christmas trees which we decorated with our selection of 4172 stickers.  Traditional paper chains were made out of white notepads.  Gotta be creative when available supplies are limited.

Brianna, mom Rachel, and Tori
Time to put the decorations on the tree:

A little holiday overlap here 

Our Charlie Brown Christmas tree
And drumroll please...... Here is our little homespun Christmas tree, folks, all finished:

I love having these fun times with the family, making some memories.

Postscript:  At the end of our vacation, we undecorated the tree and replanted it outside.  How big will it be by next year, I wonder?  Maybe we can dig it up again and use it for Christmas of 2013.  Perhaps we just started a new family tradition... 


  1. That was a ggggreat tree :) rachel

  2. Beautiful! It looks like everyone had a great time!