Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Don't Try This Stunt at Home: An Idiot and His Leaf Blower

I always told my three daughters to stay away from boys until they turn 35 and then become men.  However, I am not fooled, even at 35 that is doubtful.

I have a case in point that for some unidentifiable reason I feel compelled to share with you here.

There is a male child by the name of Caleb, who I grudgingly admit, is the product of my now gone womb.  Said offspring was invented and birthed a quarter century ago.  Let me reiterate, this boy of 25 years is assumably approaching the widespread and generally accepted deadline of manhood by the age of 35.

I hesitate to admit that I have any possible relation to this person, for that would insinuate that there has been genetic material passed from one to the other.  And that would more solidly allow a conclusion to be drawn that would place possible blame onto this mother for the actions of her boy.  So let me just define my relationship to this boy at the time of the incident you will read about as that of a distant acquaintance.  (i.e., I was back in the house, watching at a distance.)

I heard conversations and laughing outside behind our home, and went to investigate.  Of course there were 3 boys/men out there doing the "I wonder ifs."  The guilty group included the husband/lover/best friend, the son, and the neighbor guy up the street.

I saw that a swivel desk chair was sitting there on our patio.  I also saw that boy/man who people say is my son with a new manly gas-powered Stihl leaf blower in his hand.  And, I saw sh***y grins on the faces of the three guys.  Uh oh.

Here goes - round,

and around,

and around.

And if you want to get the full effect of the dizzying spinning stunt, watch this video:

I found this chart somewhere about when boys become men, and I had to smile.  I especially like #10.

I don't know about you, but I don't know if there really is an age at which time it happens.  How would YOU fill in the blank?

"Boys become men when they __________________________."


  1. I am going to be 70 on my next birthday and my wife is still waiting for me to grow up. Good video, I can understand doing that. . .

  2. Ah, the annoying sound of a leaf blower. I had many an hour spent with one of those suckers hanging off my arm in my previous job. Sure don't miss it. My own lawn work was hired out. It was just an unfortunate turn of events that had me using one at work.
    They don't seem to have them here. Thankfully.
    I would have hurled at about the third spin, so I guess that activity wouldn't have been for me.

  3. I'm just glad my husband is a "grown man". But I am really hoping my brothers, aged 27 and 25, do meet the deadline 35, lol.

    I must admit I had fun watching the video. :)