Thursday, October 4, 2012

Purse on a Diet

My daughter Lindsay is currently experiencing her dream come true.  For many years she has dreamed of traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada to see and experience the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip.

Along with her husband Todd, Lindsay has four days to see the sights plus a travel day on each end of the trip = a six day getaway.  They are sending reports back of the luxurious hotel/casinos, gorgeous landscaping, and awe-inspiring Cirque shows.  It sounds like they are simply having a blast.

What this means is that a caregiver was needed for baby Ellie (16 months old) while they are away.  So in steps Germall (moi).  I am sharing the tending of this most cutest-in-the-whole-wide-world grandbaby with the other grandmother.  I've got the first part of the week, then the guard changes and she's got the latter part.

Because Ellie's parents want Ellie to stay on some semblance of her normal schedule, they requested that I take her to her normal pre-school during the weekdays.  And thus begins my saga about putting my purse on a diet.

Before the parents left, I was given explicit instructions as to what needs to be taken to the daycare and on what days.  So, being the responsible person that I am, I made sure I had what was needed and proceeded to make my way out the door on Monday morning.

I was carrying (ALL AT ONCE)  the following:

     Ellie - 20+ pounds of cuteness
     Ellie's lunch bag
     Ellie's gear for the week in a large tote bag-
          a favorite blanket
          a sheet for her nap cot
          a new package of diapers
          a new container of baby wipes
          a half gallon of milk, labelled "Ellie"
          a payment check for the week
          an extra change of clothing to be stored in her school cubby
          MY PURSE


So I got to thinking.  It must be my purse that was pushing me "over the edge of reasonableness of amount of carryage."  Certainly not Ellie, and of course not the things she needs.  Apparently my purse needs to be put on a diet.

Take a look.  Here is my purse and it's a fine purse if I must say so.  An East West Vera Bradley tote in the Baroque pattern.

As you can see by the next picture, it has quite a lot of space for storing stuff.

So, I decided to take inventory.  Here is the list of what is contained down in the depths.  Keep in mind that I carry this stuff with me day in and day out.  Always on my left shoulder, never on my right.  Don't ask me why - it's always been this way back as long as I can remember.

Stevia coffee sweetener in a Sucrets tin
tiny tupperware container of Advil
make-up pouch
a container of Altoids smalls
a pack of Apple Pie flavored Extra gum
a page from a phone book (don't ask me why, I don't remember)
a bill payment that I should have mailed yesterday
2 pens
a small writing tablet
cell phone
a single loose photo of the husband/lover/best friend and me
a small tube of 30 spf sunscreen
a tube of lipstick
a tube of chapstick
9 coupons, 1 is expired
a small 2011-2012 planner 
a small 2013-2014 planner
5 Werther's Original candies (there were 6, I ate one)

Many men will tell you they are amazed at all the stuff that can be found in a woman's purse.  But looking at all my junk spread out beside me on the couch, I honestly cannot see a way to lesson the load.  In fact, I was actually thinking there are so many more items I really should have in there in order to be fully prepared for any situation.

I guess I'll just need to head for my closet and explore what may be found in any of the dozens of other purses in there.  Maybe it's me that needs the diet.  


  1. oh, boy! I am ashamed to say that my purse probably at least TRIPLES what yours carried! Is there a 12 step program for obsessive purse stuffing? I am almost always prepared for anything, but, I think I keep adding things because whenever I am out and I need something...it is that one thing not in my purse! And so it continues! :)

  2. That is too funny. I once knew a lady who found a hammer when she dumped the contents of her purse on the bed.