Friday, October 5, 2012

Aliens, or Fungus?

I've been away from home for a while, caring for my cutest-in-the-whole-world grandbaby Ellie.  Isn't she just the most adorable thing ever?

After depositing her at her preschool and changing shifts with the other grandma, I made an overnight stop at my parents' home for some family business and visiting.  Then in the routine business of leaving this morning to load my car, I was stopped dead in my tracks by this:

These strange creatures seemed to be reaching out toward my ankles as I walked by.  Creepy.  And what's that goop up on the tips?  Ugh.  Aliens?  Probably not. But certainly the most bizarre form of mushroom or fungus I've ever encountered.

I walked a wide circle around them.

I decided go back and get my camera, and was it just my imagination or in that 20 seconds I was gone were they an inch longer?

In the same small garden area, a space about 3 feet by 15 feet or so, I found these other bits of fungus.  I've seen these before, and in their own sort of bizarre way, they are beautiful.

And down the way a bit, I discovered these little guys standing tall:

I'm not an expert on mushrooms/fungus, and so I don't know if any of these findings are edible or poisonous.  However in a mere few moments of my morning, I was again in awe at the surprises of Nature.

There was one last bag to be retrieved from the house, and when I came back out, there was another strange fungus reaching towards me.


 Hmmmm, was he there before?



  1. I have never seen any that looked like the first and last picture, they must be aliens and they are coming to get you.

  2. Speechless! I haven't seen anything like the first or last pic....ever!

  3. Grand baby is indeed darling. I can't say the same for those long skinny mushrooms. I don't like things that look like that. I like mushrooms that are some form of round like mushrooms ought a be.

  4. Love your blog...love you more...it's a great year for mushrooms.

  5. Those long fungi are indeed creepy.. haven't seen anything like those before. They look elastic and capable of reaching anyone that would hurt them. :)

    Did you try touching them?

    1. No Lea, I didn't touch them; I was chicken. I should've gotten a pair of tongs and explored.

  6. Oh my gosh! We had those aliens in our yard this summer! And they grow soooo crazy fast. The girls and I decided they are actually zombie fingers...just comming a little early to prepare for the apocalypse. Rachel

  7. fungus creeps me out after reading about ants brains eaten by fungus and puppetted to a location for the fungus spores in the brain to explode and find new hosts. Sounds like an alien agenda.