Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Artistry

It's that time of the year again, and I just love pumpkins.  I've been reading various magazines that have to do with Fall and crafty ideas for decorating, and I've been inspired.  The husband/lover/best friend, son Caleb, and I have had some fun here in the household decorating our pumpkins, and we thought we'd show them off.

Here's our awesome 2012 display:

Son Caleb takes credit for the ghosty pumpkin in the center.  The simple face was made on a white pumpkin with black matte paint.

Husband Bob made the awesome spider web pumpkin.  We had seen this pumpkin idea featured on the front of the Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest "Halloween Tricks and Treats" magazine.

 Materials he needed to make this piece of arachnophobian artwork were:

a large side-ways laying pumpkin
white spray paint
black and green acrylic craft paint
a small paintbrush
a plastic spider from the dollar store
double-sided tape to hold the spider on the pumpkin

This next pumpkin I made, following directions I saw in the same magazine:

I love this pumpkin!  So stylish and yet easy.  This pumpkin required the following supplies:

1 large upright pumpkin
zebra Duct Tape
green acrylic craft paint for the stem
a small paintbrush
a plastic bat purchased at the dollar store
double-sided tape to anchor the bat

This next little guy was so simple:

So cute, and so easy.  Took me maybe 10 minutes.  Again, he was one of the featured pumpkins on the cover of the magazine mentioned above.  Here is what I needed:

1 small pumpkin
wide black rickrack
double-stick tape

This last little pumpkin has pizzazz.  The fishnet gives this little girl some spunk, and I think she's on the prowl for some fun.

There they are folks!  And a happy Fall and Halloween season to you all!

What are you doing with YOUR pumpkins?


  1. Will you be cooking up the pumpkin after Haloween and did you bake the pumpkin seeds?
    Great looking pumkins

    1. Thanks, I usually like to make roasted pumpkin seeds.

  2. So fun! Ciel picked out a green pumpkin. Not sure if we're gonna carve this year or not, but LOVE your collection!!!!! Bonnie

  3. I love the unique designs for pumpkins :)