Friday, October 19, 2012

Into the Wilds

We're off today on our long awaited first outing in our new camper.  Yes, we are going on a 9 night trip up into the wilds of north central Pennsylvania.  WE.  ARE.  SO.  EXCITED.

Those of you that camp know that the first adventure in a new RV is an adventure in more than one ways.  Along with the sightseeing in the area that we will be doing, there is the experience of learning how all the systems of the camper work.  And there are those little pesky things, like finding a random screw laying in the rug (where did that come from), turning on a switch (and apparently nothing happens), and that tiny puddle of water by the shower (is it a leak or just from drying off?)

I'm sure we won't sleep overly well the first night, being too excited to finally be in our new camper.  We will be checking the refrigerator, wondering if it is cooling properly and determining what is the best setting for our needs.  I will be uneasy using the stove the first time.  There's always that irrational fear that maybe it'll blow up or something.  The central vacuum?  No worries there - I'll be having some fun with that.

And of course, there's the drama of towing it to our first campsite.  I'll probably be a bundle of nerves, and I'll definitely be holding the Oh Sh**!  handle on my side of the truck.

We are planning a nice relaxing time in the Ives Run Campground of the Tioga-Hammond Lakes Federal Recreation area.  We've camped there before, and the sites are large and paved with full hook-ups.  Most sites have some shade trees nearby.

With the leaves at their color-changing peak, I figure we will be surrounded with beauty.

In the past we have spotted a number of Bald Eagles in that area, so we'll keep watch for those.

A bald eagle seen in the lakes area
Also nesting in the area are flocks of osprey, which we hope to find.

So off we go, and of course it's raining - not what you want when you are trying to operate all the systems of a camper that you are unfamiliar with.  We hope to arrive at our destination before dark, so we will make the best of it.

I don't know if I will have some or even any internet capability while there, so I may go off the blog line for the vacation.  If so, watch for Postcards from Tioga-Hammond Lakes when I return.  See ya!


  1. Enjoy your trip and be Safe!

    Towing a 5th is actually easier than a travel trailer. Where it gets a little challenging in the beginning is backing up. Once you master that you;ll be laughing.

    It's about time.

  2. It is always fun taking that virgin trip in a new RV. Enjoy yourselves.

  3. Oh, that looks like so much fun! We went on a weekend trip at the beginning of the summer (we rented the RV) and had such a great time that we've decided to make it an annual family event. My husband and I have seriously discussed buying an RV, but we're going to wait until we're empty nesters. Even though the kids (and dogs) LOVE going camping, we aren't able to go enough times to make it worthwhile purchasing an RV (and then storing it all winter).

  4. Enjoy the trip! I can't wait to see your post about it :)

  5. how exciting ..the first trip out...enjoy and stay safe...