Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Craftiness

I had some old fabric I wanted to use up, so I allowed my (sarcasm alert!) Martha Stewart genes to flow again and decided to make some cool napkins for October and Halloween.

No patterns, no measuring, just a few simple supplies, and I had me some craftilicious fun for an hour or so.  There's a word for you.

I had one yard of fabric to play with, 36 by 45 inches or so.  So first I used my pinking shears and divided it up into 12 squares.  If you need to get technical, that means each napkin is about 12 x 12.  Roughly.  Doesn't matter much as these napkins are just for fun and are disposable too.

Fold the napkin in half, then fold the ends in and use a Halloween felty sticker to close.  Cute, huh?

Here's another view up close and the cool thing I discovered when I put them away into my closet is that the ghosts glow in the dark!  I need to find more of those.  I'll save the extra stickers and use them on other fabric.

For my next effort, first I folded a square of fabric in half diagonally.  Don't worry if the edges don't exactly line up.  Remember this is a quick and easy craft!  Kids should be able to do it.

Now fold that in half again.

Fold the left and right corners in so they overlap.

Now roll the left and right edges to the middle.

Tie a bow or knot using a piece of twine about 12 inches long.

Finally, use a glue gun to add some seasonal or Halloween buttons or doo-dads onto the ends of the twine.  I look for these thingies at the craft store or Dollar Store.  Fun stuff!

Now for the last four napkins, I started again by folding a square in half.

Fold the sides in some.  Remember this isn't an exact science.

Now fold again, about in half, and clip with a mini clothespin.

Again using your glue gun, add a little fun to the pin.  Done!

Here they all are, just waiting to sit next to a good plateful of food.  I'll be looking for some good new fall recipes to accompany these little works of art.  Wouldn't Martha just be so proud?

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  1. This idea is awesome! The napkin color is very Halloween and your designs are cute. I love the glow-in-the-dark ghosts :)