Thursday, November 1, 2012

Postcards From Tioga-Hammond Lakes: What Were They Thinking?

The first order of business for the day was to find and purchase a new RV sewer hose, since ours had left us by flying out of the back of the truck yesterday on the way to our campsite.

Doing a bit of internet research, we learned that State Line RV (sales and supplies) is located less than an hour north from us, slightly across the border into New York.  So off we went, on a very pleasant and scenic drive to find what we needed, and to simply enjoy the gorgeous Fall scenery.

By the time we had found what we needed and nosed around a bit in the shop,  I decided that pizza was really what we needed. The husband/driver said he knew of a place back in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, and it would provide a pleasant loop-around way of returning to our campground.

Let me just say here and now, the Pizza Hut in Wellsboro puts the Pizza Hut in our hometown way to shame.  This restaurant was pleasant and clean, and the decor was stylish and modern.  Most importantly, the pizza was delicious and not greasy at all.

Heading back towards our campground, then, is where things got weird.  On the way out of Wellsboro, we noticed a place that appeared to have gone out of business, but was displaying some very unique "works of art."  I believe the place was called "The Frog Hut."

Here are some of the sculptures decorating the property.

What were they thinking?

                                                   Is this art?

It wasn't until we got back onto the main road that we think we found the actual artist's studio.  Here it is:

As you can see, he has quite a lot of material to incorporate into his "art."  There were several sculptures on the property that were in various stages of completion too.


So we found ourselves wondering:  are these works of "art" commissioned?  Or is this just some eccentric guy's hobby?  Either way, regarding the owners of The Frog Hut and the placement of these creations all over their property, I still have to wonder, what were they thinking?

I guess you'll just never know what's to be found around the next corner.

And that, for me, is enough reason to keep on looking.  


  1. I like the "bugs" the best. Look almost real.

  2. what WERE they thinking..lol glad you had a great day...quite the works of art...not sure I'd want all that in my yard laying around..