Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Staycation (Not!)

I think I picked the wrong career.  Instead of following my life dream of becoming a math teacher, which I did and which I loved, by the way, I should've become a travel agent and planned trips.

You see, my idea of a perfect STAYCATION is to stay in my pajamas all day, letting the hours flow by as I plan trips to exotic and interesting places.  There is so much to see in our state and country and beyond, and if I'm not free to go right now, at least I can enjoy exploring them by internet until later.

My friends and family will verify that I can write a great trip.  We've taken some very fun and memorable trips together.  And, as always, there are some new ones in the works.  The problem for me is this:  while working on a specific trip, I stumble across so many other interesting places that grab my attention.  Before I know it, it's bedtime and I've staycationed the day right away.  Oh how pleasantly, though!

Anyway I thought I'd show you all some of these exotic and dreamy places that I've come across.  First is an interesting resort that is an engineering marvel.  I just don't want my reservation placing me in an end room.

Then I came across this underwater suite.  How amazing would it be to stay in a room like this?  I would probably never leave my room during the day.  Too many fish to keep track of.  At night?  Hmmm.  Now that could be kind of eerie.  Not sure I'd sleep.

Another underwater resort, the Arkhotel, is still in the design phase, and is based on the concept of a sort of floating ark.  For both of these under-the-water hotels, guests are brought in by small underwater submarine pods.

Some of the amazing resorts I've looked at are all about the offered amenities.  Here's a hotel in which each room offers a selection of pillows.   I suppose the weary traveler can make his selection, and sleep like a baby.

And speaking of being weary, if you become tired while bathing in this resort's bathroom, just stop and hang out for a while in the provided hammock.  Cool tub too, huh?

At this next resort, the butler will slice off slabs of your selected bath soap for you.

And finally.....drumroll please!  I have found the resort destination of my dreams.  If I were celebrity-type wealthy, this next place would be at the top of my list.  Well, it is at the top of my Bucket List, but I keep bypassing it for cheaper alternatives.

Jade Mountain, on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.  Here is what the website has to say:  "Rising majestically above its 600 acre beach, Jade Mountain St. Lucia is a cornucopia of organic architecture celebrating St. Lucia's stunning scenic beauty."

Yes, the views from the "sanctuaries" are beautiful.  And that is partly because the suites are open to the outside on the fourth side.  Your own private infinity pool draws you out into the view.

And, each "sanctuary" has its own decor and color theme.  Perhaps yours will have a palette of green shades:

Or maybe red and blue is more to your liking:

Even the bathrooms at this luxury resort are designed so that they can become part of the sanctuary experience.  You can enjoy the amazing views while showering or soaking in the chromatherapy whirl pool tub.  Yes, even the color lights in the tub change while you are bathing.

From reading every single word of every possible menu option and looking at each and every photo hundreds of times on the Jade Mountain website, and from reading all the thousands of satisfied travelers' testimonials, yes, I am more than 100% convinced that I need to go to this place someday before I die.

So, Jade Mountain is still at the top of my Bucket List.  And I won't be draggin' my camper there.  That's for sure.

So another STAYCATION day has sailed by, with plenty of happy dreams enjoyed and a few concrete plans made.

For now, I'll soon be heading up into the mountains for a week of camping in the Pennsylvania Fall beauty.  And that's enough for me.  For now.

What are your dream destinations?  What's at the top of your Bucket List?


  1. I just want to get the RV on the road, don't care which way it is pointed.

  2. At this point, just one day at home in my pj's sounds inviting!

  3. Wow! Those are interesting destinations. For now, a whole day in pj's is so much a vacation to me.