Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday's Whining

Yeah, it's building up in me again - the need to just gripe a little bit, that is.

So let me give you an alert:  Whining Ahead.  I'll just go ahead and get these complaints off my back, because it's therapeutic you know.

I read a novel by the author Cathy Lamb a while back (can't remember the name of the book, but I made it a point to remember the author's name).  I definitely want to read more of her stories, she writes some funny stuff, laugh out loud stuff.

In this particular book, the girls all meet once a week for "Vagina Night," a ladies meeting where they take turns discussing anything to do with their vaginas openly and candidly.  They all go home happy afterwards.  For them, I guess this is what they need.

Well, I don't need any vagina therapy - I just wanna gripe a little about things in general.  So, bear with me and here I go:

1.  My mail has been ridiculous lately.  In the past 7 days, I've received 13 credit card offers and 8 political campaign postcards.  I suppose if I wouldn't pay my bills on time and vote regularly, then I wouldn't get this annoying mail.

2.  All I can say about this gross deposit on my windshield is "Really?"

3.  At a recent lunch stop at McDonald's, I discovered that their toilet paper feels more like paper towels.  Owwww.  I have experienced that in other countries, but this is the good old U. S. of A.

4.  There are too many enticing recipes to try and not enough days to make them all.

5.  Stink bugs are invading the house.  Let the news go forth that I will win this battle!

6.  Yesterday the people shopping near to me in Wal-Mart were so stinky I had to leave that aisle.  That's bad.  Really.  Bad.

7.  I have no privacy in the bathroom these days.  I thought I was done with that when my toddlers grew up.  This cute puppy routinely pushes her way into the bathroom while I'm doing my business.

8.  Burger King forgot the cheese on my Whopper With Cheese the other day.  And I drove away before unpacking it.  (Yes, I did have fast food twice in one week.)  I won't gripe about the gastrointestinal effects in this post.

9.  This is the scene in a public restroom.  Is that trash receptacle too hard to use?

10.  Our large freezer crapped out on us at some time in the last several weeks.  All the meat and vegetables - two large garbage bags full - were rotten and stinking.  I hate wasting food.  

So now that all of that is unloaded, I am looking forward to tomorrow.  

Isn't life just an amazing and unpredictable adventure?  


  1. You have some good complaints. You have my permission to post complaints ant time you want to.

    1. Thanks, but usually I try to rein myself back!

  2. Oh Jill, I feel for you!

    I experienced having bird dropping on the windshield, too! And... my dog, Mateo, follows me wherever I go. Including the toilet. About the stinky people... they are the reason I end up buying nothing. Sometimes, they even seem to follow you :( For number 8... I don't eat cheese so that is fine for me. The scene in the public restroom... I hate irresponsible people! The hole is like just a few centimeters away. A little more push and the trash is in.

    You have every right to complain. Take care always and enjoy the rest of your week, Jill!