Friday, October 11, 2013

Another Project Complete

If you've been following our adventures this summer, you will recall that we've been immersed in numerous major home renovations.

First we completed the staining of the fence around our property.  It is a six foot fence surrounding a double lot, so it was truly a major project.

Second, we replaced our roof, followed by new soffits and eaves.  You can see pictures and read about that project here.

Next, our three car garage was completely painted to finally match the colors of our home.  You can see how purdy it looks here.

And now, we have finally completed the fourth major project on our ever-growing list.  New siding was applied to the north and west sides of our home.  There is a long list of good reasons why only two sides of our house needed new siding and not all of them.  Suffice it to say that it's complicated and not worth the space here to explain.

Here is the siding work in progress on the east side, which began several weeks ago and is finally finished.

And now, here's that finished side, both upper and lower walls.

Take a look at the north wall - it looks pretty good to me too without all those tools, and ladders, and workmen and stuff all around.

How I love checking chores off  THE LIST.  However, why does it seem that for every one project finished, there's another one or two that get added to THE LIST?  

You can probably guess by looking at this next picture what new project has been added to THE LIST.

You've got it - paint the new siding to match the old.

That pile of work may just have to wait till Spring.


  1. What is wrong with a two tone house? I like it that way.

  2. And I can tell you TO THE DOLLAR how much it all cost, if you added new windows, new bathroom, and a new heating system. Because that's exactly what I did to my house, six months before I sold it at a loss!!!

    I will NEVER stop cussing myself over doing something bassackwards like that.