Monday, October 14, 2013

His Dream is Coming True

At the moment, son Caleb is watching that goofy tv show "Cops," imagining various scenarios of his future career.  For quite a while now he has dreamed of being involved in law enforcement, specifically as a member of the Pennsylvania State Police force.

It is no small deal to go through the process of becoming a state trooper.  Back in the Fall of 2012 he sent in his original application and letter of intent.  Then he waited.

Future trooper?
Then in May of this year, he was invited to take part in the first step of the process, the written exam.  He likened this test to an SAT for law enforcement.  The candidate does not get a score following this exam.  He just goes home and waits some more, hoping he will be invited to take the next step in the process, the oral exam and interview.

In late September then, he was scheduled to appear for an oral exam and interview.  After a rigorous face to face scenario test before two examiners, he went home, and waited.  Again, no scores were given.

Late last week, he received an official email listing his rankings for both the written and the oral exams.  His scores placed him in the top 20% of all applicants.  Would that rank be enough to make him eligible for a position?  He waited again.  And prayed.

Finally, the other day he received THE PACKET.  This large white packet of papers and booklets came from the Pennsylvania State Police headquarters, and was addressed to Mr. Caleb B. Thomas.

It began this way:

Dear applicant,
     A conditional offer of employment is being extended to you for the position of Pennsylvania State Police Cadet.
     In order to receive a bona fide offer of employment, you must successfully complete the remaining cadet selection procedures.... (etc.)


Of course there are still other tests and background checks and a comprehensive physical fitness test that he must pass before he is offered a spot at the Academy.  As of now, though, happily for him, things are still moving forward in that direction.  His next round of testing will be November 6th.

Getting physically fit for the test.
So, to Rachel, beware of the next time you are speeding down Route 15, "to buy some string cheese."  It could be your brother who stops and issues you a speeding ticket.

To Lindsay, next time you drive up over a large paint can and get stuck on it, perhaps it will be trooper Caleb coming to your rescue.

And to Sarah, next time you have a run-in with a deer up on Route 80 and get thrown off the road into a ditch, call your trooper brother to come sort things out.

Caleb is beyond excited and happy to receive THE PACKET, and to move forward in the direction of his dreams.

There's just one small problem:

Sheila will miss him when he's away those 26 long weeks at the Academy.


  1. Way to go Caleb!!! How exciting for him. How sad Sheila looks.

  2. Good job Caleb but too bad for Sheila.

    1. Sheila will just have to put up with meeeee.

  3. Congratulations to Caleb. Our nephew went through that process. Now a Washington state trooper.

  4. Then you really can appreciate the process. Thank you.