Thursday, October 10, 2013


My grandchildren give me joy.

They can be little angels or they can be stinkers.  Either way, it doesn't matter, I'm still delighted with them.  That's just how it is for this grandma, germall, or hummall, as they call me.


So recently, I was thrilled to get a phone call from my very excited seven year old twin granddaughters.  Each one wanted to tell me that she had just, minutes ago, gotten her ears pierced.  

That's big stuff for little girls, really big. 

And I couldn't be more excited for them.  I will need to make a few shopping outings too, to look for some earrings to contribute to the cause, of course.  

As the adventure was related to me, one of the girls, Tori, marched right up and plopped herself bravely onto the chair in the Piercing Pagoda.  She had no doubts that she wanted to do this, and in no time the deed was done.  

I think she only sweated a little.  I can see her cheeks are pink.

Brianna, on the other hand, and as the tale was told to me, had one or two major meltdowns prior to getting on that chair.  Although she is normally a very confident child in most respects, this little event threw her for a bit of a loop.  

 Ultimately, she did follow her sister's example, and her ears were pierced too.

By the looks of the blotchiness on her face and neck, I believe she darn nearly died during the procedure.  You'd a thunk this was major surgery, huh?

No matter, I think they look lovely, and they are thrilled with themselves, so that's what counts.

I hear from them that "all the girls have their ears pierced."  Let's keep in mind that their world of reference is all the 2nd grade girls.

Wow, how have things changed.  My ears weren't pierced till somewhere around my 9th grade year, if I recall.  Up until that time I had an ongoing battle about it with my mother who insisted that "if God wanted you to have holes in your ears, He would have put them there."  I guess He just needed me to help get them there, heehee.

So that's the latest news from the twins.

Don't they just look so purdy?

In other news on the grandchildren front, Jarrod (age = driving minus one year), has made a very good first month adjustment to high school.  Historically he usually gets straight A's, and so I'm waiting for the time when he comes home and admits that one of his courses is giving him a good challenge.  It hasn't happened yet.  He's a good kid, shmart too.

Jarrod's little sister, Ellie, is busy, busy, busy these days.

She is such a girly girl, and loves high heels and make-up.

It's true - they do make high heels for two-year-olds.

She doesn't always get it quite right yet.
These days Ellie loves playing outdoors, and especially loves her little bike.  I love her tiny little smile.

Of course, Ellie's mother is gearing up for Halloween.  Here's a Halloween preview:  Can you guess what Ellie will be dressed as this year?

If you ask her what a pirate says, she'll stick out her "hook" and say, "Argggggg!"

And finally, just one more shot that is loaded with almost more cuteness than this grandma can handle:

Ellie and her daddy.
Yes, grandkiddos make me happy.