Saturday, May 25, 2013

Postcards From St. Lucia: Under the Water

The husband/lover/beach boy and I had hopes this trip of doing some snorkeling.  During our stay at the Sandals in St. Lucia, we did have the opportunity to take several excursions, and we were fortunate to have good weather = fairly clear waters = a good underwater experience.

A shuttle van took us fifteen minutes south to a little dive shop on the northwestern coast of the island.  The shop was outfitted with all manner of snorkeling and diving equipment, where we were loaned flippers for our excursion.  From there, we boarded a boat that took us another twenty minutes farther down the coast until finally anchoring in a small cove for our adventure.

Although tropical storms over the last several years had done a bit of damage to the reefs, we were still able to see a lots of vibrantly colored coral in spots.

It's just a whole other world down there, and the delight of it all is that every which way we turned, there was always something new to see.

Moray eel

All too soon, the boat blew its horn and unfortunately, that meant everybody All Aboard.  I swear we were only in the water a few moments, but in fact, we had been snorkeling for about 45 minutes.  Truthfully, any more than that and I would have not have avoided a nasty sunburn.  

I'm sure I've heard it said many times that "there are other fish in the sea," and so hopefully some day I'll get back down there to see more of them.  But for now, this old gal is staying on terra firma.


  1. I cannot fathom your life. I always thought people like you were only featured on National Geographic, and there you are!! Unbelievable.

    "Spoken from the safety of my couch"

  2. Now that's an exciting adventure! Great pictures.

  3. Thank you for the beautiful underwater pictures. Did you rent an underwater camera or do you have one that is water proof?

    1. Thanks Dizzy Dick. We were using a Canon D20 waterproof camera that we had recently purchased for Bob's birthday. This was the first time we used it. It did a lot better than those Wal-mart disposables we used last summer. They were a waste of money.