Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Postcards From St. Lucia: Food!

Desserts to die for
Food, glorious food!  Colorful, delicious, different, and way too much, describes what we ate during our week in St. Lucia.

Sandals has three resorts in St. Lucia, and their policy is "Stay at One, Play at All Three," so we did.  Our location, Sandals Halcyon Beach, was in the center of the three, and a convenient shuttle van transported guests from our Sandals on a scenic 15 minute drive to either of the others.

Since our resort was the smallest of the three, and only had five restaurants on site, we travelled several times throughout our week to dine at some of the other 17 restaurants for meals and once for a massage.

One of our first meals was at Kelly's Dockside, a restaurant built out on a pier over the ocean,  offering Caribbean inspired food and decor.  There we dined on fresh seafood prepared in West Indies style, infused with island fruits and spices.  Desserts:  decadent.  Gone, too.

We were surprised when escorted to our table to discover that our designated butler had done a bit of "decorating" to welcome us there.

The interior was bright and welcoming, with views on three sides of the ocean in the moonlight.

The following morning our butler again pampered us, serving us our own private breakfast on our patio.  I could truly get used to this.  Cooling ocean breezes, relaxing sounds of the surf, and the best company a gal could want, all along with a great cheese omelot.  Breakfast can't get any better than this!

Another evening we dined at the newest restaurant on the resort, Kimono's, just opened in April of this year.  At this Japanese restaurant, an animated and entertaining chef prepared our food right in front of us.  We shared good conversation and many laughs with the other folks at our table (especially since the waiters continued to bring us numerous servings of the Japanese beverage sake throughout the entire meal).

It was at dessert following this meal that we met an interesting and friendly couple who live and work in the Arctic circle with the Inuit people.  They informed us that the temperature when they left home was twenty degrees below zero.  It was fascinating to learn how they live, work, and even dress in a climate like that.

One afternoon we ventured out on a sightseeing excursion.  Our driver took us to a tiny little restaurant on the top of a hill, where we ate a small meal on the balcony area having a lovely view down below us of Marigot Bay.

What were we served?  Fish puffs, of course, and they were absolutely delicious.  I could eat those three times a day, easily.  

I had read in my Sandals brochures about a small restaurant, Josephine's, that was built to resemble a Parisian creperie, and so we left by shuttle one day on our way to the Sandals Grande to find this little slice of heaven.  

Just steps off of the beach, this cozy and quaint little eatery endorsed eating dessert for lunch.  I like that.  And to sweeten the deal, the little pizzeria right around the corner sent pizzas in also, if requested.    So, Bob had the sugary crepes, I had the pizza, and everybody was happy.  We are glad we experienced the deliciousness found in this little restaurant.

Our final night we went to Gordon's on the Pier, again at the Sandals Grande for a fancy six course, white glove service meal.  When we saw the venue from a distance, it didn't look overly exciting, but once we arrived, boy did they take good care of us.  I even ordered crab cakes as my appetizer, a dish I would normally avoid.  I virtually inhaled my cake, it was that delicious.  Mom, oh ye lover of good crab cakes, you'd be so proud of me.  

Gordon's on the Pier
And Mom, all those lessons you taught me throughout life about which piece of silverware to use for which course came in quite handy that night.  I was able to dine without looking like a hillbilly.  Thanks Mom, and thank you Sandals for a week filled with fantastic dining adventures.

Tomorrow, "Postcards From St. Lucia:  Towel Art."  Beautiful, silly, and creative.  Fun stuff.


  1. This looks so fantastic! I would love to go there!

  2. So now I'm drooling all over myself. Sounds absolutely fabulous.