Friday, May 24, 2013

More Cancer Surgery

I'm taking a break today from sharing our Postcards From St. Lucia, as I'm nursing daughter Lindsay following her early morning surgery today.

Lindsay has been fighting thyroid cancer now for over eight years, and it's an ongoing battle.  Although she had her thyroid gland removed way back in 2005, over the years the cancer continues to rear its ugly head with the appearance of lumps all around in her neck area.

She has had numerous surgeries over the years to remove these cancerous lumps, and several bouts of radiation.

Today's surgery involved removing another enlarged mass in the left side of her neck.  This area was located farther back on the left side of her neck than any of the previous problem areas.  She will have a new scar after she heals.  My husband suggested that the doctor should just install a zipper.

So, today we'll shower her with our love, prayers and company, let her sleep off the anesthesia and try to keep her comfortable.  She has some prescription pain medicine to use as needed for a few days.

If you are inclined to pray, our family would greatly appreciate prayers for Lindsay to heal and be cured of cancer for good.

Oh, and this little cutie will be waiting for momma Lindsay later today when she wakes up:

Get well, Lindsay!


  1. We'll be keeping Lindsay in our prayers because she has someone very special that needs to see her grow up.

    It's about time.

  2. We pray that she will be as good as new soon. She has to, she has such a beautiful daughter to take care of. That will surely give her incentive to heal quickly, with God's help and all our prayers.

  3. Please add us to the list of those who are praying. What a beautiful little daughter she has.

  4. Praying for Lindsay and for you as you help her through this. Adorable little girl waiting for her to be well.

  5. Jill, I will ask my whole family to pray! Sending much love and prayers!!!! Love, Pam J.