Thursday, May 23, 2013

Postcards From St. Lucia: Towel Art

As this trip to St. Lucia was in celebration of our 35th wedding anniversary, we splurged and reserved butler service along with our accommodations.  That being said, there was lots of fun happening on our bed (ahem), not that, well yes actually some of that, but what I am really trying to say is that the butlers had fun surprising us with their creative towel art throughout our week.

Now I've read an occasional blog where the writer hates to come into her room and repeatedly find these towel surprises, but as for me and my lover, we quite liked discovering these little smile-inducing creations.

Saturday, upon arrival at our resort, we were greeted in the lobby by our butler, who escorted us to our room and settled us in.  He had prepared this little work of art to welcome us:

And that got the ball rolling.

Monday we found a piggy laying on our bed, wearing my glasses.  We couldn't begin to eat this extra dessert,  though, as we had thoroughly "pigged out" at dinner.

Tuesday, we returned in the evening and found this message:

Of course, again, it was accompanied by a sweet dessert for two, which we were too full to enjoy at that moment.

Wednesday night, upon returning to our room, we were momentarily shocked to find two people on our bed!  

And wearing our glasses and hats too!

Thursday, after a few relaxing hours in the Paradise Pool, we returned to our room to dress for dinner.  How nice to find this little scene waiting for us:

Those letters are crafted from the fuzzy blossoms of shrubs on the resort.

Finally, our last evening we were blessed with this little scene:

We had two very pleasant and attentive butlers assigned to us throughout our stay, Willard and Silveria, and they took quite good care of us.  They certainly added the little touches that made our stay in St. Lucia so enjoyable.

Tomorrow, "Postcards From St. Lucia:  Under the Water."


  1. I love this post. Too cute.

    The header photo is beautiful

  2. That's outrageously adorable. What's not to love? Please pass the butler.

  3. I hope the butlers got a special tip. They sure did brighten up your stay. Sort of like the icing on the cake.

  4. Who wouldn't like that?! How cool and really sweet!