Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Postcards From St. Lucia: Our Resort

The view from our porch
Our resort, Sandals Halcyon Beach, St. Lucia, was simply a lush, tropical paradise.  On this property there are no buildings higher than the highest palm tree, and beautiful flowers, shrubs, and palm trees grow in abundance.

We had booked a cottage-like room with a lovely oceanfront view, just steps away from the beach.  The room itself was nothing overly fancy or modern.   However, the ability to see and hear the ocean all day is what made it special, and was relaxing and peaceful.

Here is an outside look at our cozy little spot.  We spent lots of hours reading, relaxing, and people watching on our shaded porch.

Looking straight out from our room, we had a nice view of one of the resort's wedding pavilions.  

Throughout the week we saw numerous weddings take place there or on the beach, including this one: 

These happy newlyweds offered us wedding cake later in the paradise pool at their little impromptu wedding reception.  The resort has two pools, and we preferred the quiet paradise pool over the main pool.  The paradise pool had its own swim up pool bar and was blissfully quiet and calm, with plenty of seats in shaded areas.  Each day at four o'clock tea and finger sandwiches were served there.

Apparently the main pool was where all the action was that we did not want.  Beach balls, water volleyball, even water bingo.  Loud music and announcements, and a wilder party atmosphere.  Nah, not for this gal and her beau.  We stayed happy at the quiet paradise pool, hidden away in the back corner of the resort.

This is the main pool with swim up bar which we avoided.
Although the beach area was not very wide (maybe ten yards from the property to the water's edge), the views from there were lovely.  Here is a look at the ocean from within a small Beach Bistro.  The beach area is just down a few steps.

At the north end of the resort, equipment for many water sports was available for use by Sandals guests, including these silly water trikes.

Each evening we would see tables prepared for couples who had arranged for a private, candlelight, romantic dinner on the beach.  

Since we were celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary on this trip, we enjoyed how this resort is simply a lovers' paradise.  There are so many special areas on the resort that encourage relaxation and romance, including these lounging beds.  We often saw couples reading, napping, and canoodling in these spots.  Was it all newlyweds and young folks?  Absolutely not.  I'd say it was split about 50/50 - half young couples and honeymooners, and half old geezers like ourselves.  It was a nice mix, and we spent lots of time visiting with many couples of all ages, and from all over the globe.

This beachfront "living room" was often used by day, and also at night when the fireplace was burning.  

On one of our final days there, while taking a walk we came upon this lawn chess game.  Unfortunately, I have no idea how to play the game, so I didn't have to suffer the possible humiliation of defeat.

We enjoyed our days in St. Lucia, from morning to night, including daily beautiful sunsets.  

Please come back tomorrow, for "Postcards From St. Lucia:  Food!"


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