Saturday, May 4, 2013


I'm on the road today, so I thought I'd just offer a quick and fun look at some play scenes I've been saving in my photo files.

First we go to the kids' play area of our church, The Cube.  The kids say this playroom is far superior to any that McDonalds can put out there.  The adults love the comfortable "watching" area right on the other side of the plexiglass wall, steps away from the coffee bar.  Whoever designed this place is simply genius.

Grandtwin Tori
Grandtwin Brianna


Next we have a few shots of the big boys playing at fishing during the opening weekend of Trout Season 2013.  These fishermen were stationed at the Halfway Dam in the R. B. Winter State Park.  We sat and watched them from our warm and comfortable car, and after waiting and watching a long time and seeing NOBODY catching any fish, we moved on.

Catching no fish

Playing with worms
Wishing they were catching fish
Definitely catching no fish
I love this next one of granddaughter Ellie eating her dinner, fingerpainting,  making a heck of a mess playing.

She cleans up real nicely though, doesn't she?

Here's Tori and Brianna again, playing a cutthroat game of floor tic tac toe.  The playing pieces happen to be chocolate hearts, so the stakes for winning are high.

A little nose picking always helps the strategy.
I came across these last two pictures randomly on my internet travels, and I think they are both interesting and telling.

The first one reminds me of my childhood.  I clearly remember my mother just telling me to go out and play.  Playing in those days was so different from how it is nowadays.  

This final one, well, I think it just speaks for itself.  I just love it.

Lord, help me to stay young at heart, and to never forget how to play.  Amen.