Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bubble Bath!

Today, January 8, 2013, is National Bubble Bath Day.  Of course I found this tidbit on the internet one night while mindlessly cruising around.  When I should have been in bed.  Or in the tub.  Having a bubble bath.

I'm really thinking that this event should be publicized more and that everyone in our great country should celebrate, of course, by taking a bubble bath.  I am fully convinced that if every person enjoyed regularly scheduled pedicures, head massages, and bubble baths, there would be no more wars.

Let me assure you I am doing my part with all three, and I am not finding any bellicose tendencies within myself at all these days.

In honor of this festive day, I thought I'd find some amazing bathtubs to show you and to fantasize about .  No, none of the tubs pictured are in my home, but the husband/lover/best friend has been making hints lately that our second story bathroom is due for a major overhaul.  Maybe he'll read this blog post and get inspired to fix us up right.

This first one is carved from solid granite and weighs one ton.  I would imagine you'd need a pretty wide doorway to load that tub into the room.

I suppose you would not suffer from drafts with the gas fireplace situated right next to this lovely tub.  This tub and fireplace is part of a master bedroom suite.

Twenty-two floors above Los Angeles, this bathtub comes complete with view of the city skyline.

This next bathroom is not for those that are shy or concerned about a breech of the private backyard.  Some may call this zen-like; I call it risky.  And yes, there is a glass wall there.

The views from this circular stainless steel tub are, ummm, nice.  Oh, and there are four other bathrooms in this New York townhouse.

If you are a collector of high heels, these tubs are for you:

Here's a few more just for dreaming:

Which one is your favorite?  Me, I'd have to choose the last one.  I like the fireplace.  And the privacy.  

Let's all go take a good soak, and do our parts to keep world peace.  Enjoy!


  1. I like the last one also. I had no idea that this day honored the classic bubble bath. I am strictly a bath person. So much so that I rescued an old claw foot tub from our barn and turned it into a summertime outdoor bath tub.

  2. I don't have a a bathtub in my RV. Do you think they'd mind if I took some bubble bath down to the campground hot tub? Don't want to waste this special day... ;c)