Friday, January 18, 2013

A First For Me

I had a new experience last night, right in my sunporch in my own comfy leather recliner.  With my feet up.

I'm excited to tell you that I attended my first, ever, webinar.  I had seen "Blogging 101" advertised earlier in the day on another blog, and so I took note of the starting time, shifted my persona from teacher to student, and sat down in my leather "desk."

It was enlightening.  Mostly what I learned is how much I haven't learned yet about the subject of blogging.  I recalled from the number of years that I taught college math that a 100 level course is typically the beginning level of study for any subject.  But what do I know?

I listened for an entire hour as a panel of four experts discussed SEO.  I heard all kinds of words and techniques thrown around.  Labeling, SEO, ad words, key words, SEO, Google tool use, SEO, photo labeling, and oh, have I mentioned they loved talking about SEO?

If I were a person who wanted to have thousands of views of my blog each day (I don't care about that), these folks know how to make that happen.  SEO.  If I wanted to grow my blog to become a monopoly over all other similar blogs (I don't care about that either), they have the knowledge.  SEO, of course.  If I want my blog to earn me a bazillion bucks a year, these people know how to get there.  Again, SEO.

I'm not really concerned about any of those things.  In fact, as I listened and watched, I couldn't even identify what "nich" I'm writing my blog to fill.  Basically I write because I want to record thoughts and feelings, and share with others any adventures and travels I experience on the way.

No, nobody will learn how to make a show-stopping headboard on my blog.

No, I'm sure my sticky bun recipe and my photos of the finished product can be outdone by many other superior bakers/bloggers.

No, I still haven't perfected the knack of taking a good picture, much less being able to easily load it into my blog post.

Geez.  I don't even have a fancy camera.

But all of that is not the point.  I blog because I have fun doing so.  Period.

So why then, did I even want to watch that webinar?  Because I am a person who gets bored very easily, and I always need to be learning new things.  I am happier when I am challenging myself by studying and learning something new.

Would I watch another related webinar?  Sure.

Because finally, in the last four minutes of the webinar, I learned what SEO is - Search Engine Optimization.  Apparently it's the skill of writing and doing things within your blog that helps your blog to become more widely read.  Thank you very much.

Perhaps next time I should look for the webinar "Blogging 001."


  1. Good for you! I tried to participate on a webinar the other day and I couldn't download a needed program. I was soooo frustrated. I'll try again.

  2. I could've written this post word for word - well except for watching a webinar - but I blog for exactly the same reasons, not desiring a gabzillion readers, just my friends and as nice as money is and I don't mind my friends that attempt it on their blogs, just not my style. I am just hoping that in the years to come my family and friend can look back and get a smile or two out of something I wrote.
    And I am right there with you and the picture taking. I drool when I see some of the beautiful pics on others blogs, but I don't think, even with a extra super de doper camera I could come close.

    And for what it is worth - that was supposed to say "duper" not "doper" - but this new computer has spell correct on it and well...it did that. What do I know. ha!

  3. Thanks, Jill! I'm sure you'll be able to teach Blogging 001/2! I'd take that! I'm impressed that you were able to do the webinar thing. I tried once and wasn't able to figure it out- I need to try again.