Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Female Vanity

After watching parts of the Golden Globes Awards the other night, I am again amazed at the variety and extent of the methods we females use to get it right.  To look amazing.  Or at least, to believe we look incredible.  Hair, makeup, clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and on and on.

Yesterday I had my hair colored, cut, and styled.
Today I will have a manicure.
Tomorrow I will get a pedicure.
(I'm just as bad as any other woman, obviously.)

So today, I thought I'd show you a miscellaneous collection of photos related to female beauty.  Some are from our travels, but most are from right inside our kitchen just a few weeks ago during the Christmas holidays.

Let's start with some photos from the Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, New York.  The husband/lover/best friend and I camped in the area back in the fall, and made a very worthwhile day trip to this museum.  I'll have more pictures to show you on another day.

Mostly the museum is a collection of the inventions of Glenn Curtiss - bikes, motorcycles, airplanes, and airboats.  But the display also includes other miscellaneous items from down through the years that are displayed nearby to his planes of the same eras.

One area was designated for items used for "Female Attractions."  Here is a description from back in the day of what all females apparently aspired to:

And near to this poster, one of these miraculous chairs from the Health Jolting Chair Company was sitting right there!  I cannot believe that some lady has not stolen it!

Imagine that!  Just sit in one of these chairs, let it do whatever it does to you, and then you are miraculously attractive, intelligent, and all the rest.  Unfortunately the signs said to stay off, so I'm just the same ole me.

Well, over the holidays we were just sittin' in our regular old kitchen chairs trying to acquire the same thing - female beautification.  I don't know if our chairs were working as well as those Health Jolting Chairs, but we were having some simple family fun, just spending time together.

Here daughter Sarah is making art on her sister Lindsay's nails.  Their grandfather "Happy" is making sure they get it right:

And now daughter Lindsay is applying makeup to one of her twin nieces, Brianna.  Doesn't every six year old need neon blue eye shadow?

Now it's twin Tori's turn for Sarah's nail art.  This is serious business going on here.

And somewhere amidst all the beauty-making, there were some fun tattoos being applied:

It doesn't get any better than this - spending time with the family, doing silly little things together.  Getting gorgeous.  

Now, if I could only locate one of those chairs......


  1. Old geezers like me always look beautiful with no primping. Of course our eye sight is not what it used to be and we see in the mirror someone much younger and better looking. Women see the opposite (so I am told).

  2. I think we are all caught up in the image of beauty. It does make me feel better when I am well groomed :)

  3. A female jolting chair? Wouldn't that be the same as, say, sitting on the washer while on high spin? [Mine at least. That sucker walks all over the basement. Would probably be a fun ride, come to think of it. heehee] I swear I laughed out loud when I saw that. Considering what I think that chair was supposed to ::ahem:: bring a lady "to" - it's no wonder she probably looked more attractive and alluring. I mean who doesn't after that experience. ::wink::

    All your girls are so cute. I do love my boys, but there is something fun about the girlie aspect of being a woman. Ever since I started to get out more my girls have been giving me make up and hair hints and for someone who didn't wear a lot of make up throughout my life, I like to think I am turning into somewhat of a pro. Goodness knows I no longer have to pay 22 bucks for a manicure [such a ripoff here] because I love, love, love to do my nails. It used to be I would pull my hair up in a ponytail or baseball cap and be out the door, but now? I have to do make up, make sure my nails aren't chipped and all hair in place. I can't remember the last time I wore a ball cap out of the house, although a ponytail has been know to get me to mass on time a few times. hee
    And I want! that monkey tattoo. How cool. I really like the non permanent tattoos. They have perfected some of them that they almost look real, but those cute ones like the monkeys are my favorite - and no commitment.
    Glad to see you had a nice holiday and were surrounded with all your loved ones. Sweet pics. :D Hugs to you my friend!

  4. That chair sure sounds like it's meant to cure constipation! If only taking care to "exercise your internal organs" was the easy cure! As someone who was a strict vegetarian that ate a variety of healthy food, drank mostly only water and exercised faithfully and has recently begun suffering from Chronic Constipation and IBS, I'd buy that chair in a heartbeat if it fixed my problems! Oh to live in such a simple time that you could believe your problems so easily solved...and that you could have a beautiful glow to your skin as a bonus.