Thursday, January 17, 2013


It's gray and dreary outside, and the snow is turning all black from road dirt.  I'm feeling generally sorry for myself today, (see yesterday's post), and so I'm moping just a wee bit.

I'm also contemplating eating potato chips and ice cream all day.  You know what that means.  It probably means that I need to gripe just a tiny little bit.  I'll just get these few things off my chest, and then tomorrow I'll be back to my typically angelic self.  Thanks for bearing with me.

Gripes of the day:

1.  Being in the same airspace containing all the foul language of that miserable woman with her three screaming-like-banshees miserable children in the grocery store today.

2.  Another woman in the same grocery store upset me when she told me I needed a g***amn stop sign.  (I guess I came around the corner too fast, although that's highly unlikely at the speed I go wearing this leg cast.)

3.  Vehicles that feel they are too special to use parking spaces like everyone else:

That truck must be special.
4.  Ridiculous, mean bumper stickers.  Recently I saw these two bumper stickers, on the same car:

     "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me."

     "  Hey Gashole - frack yourself!"

5.  People driving with a cat on their dashboard.

    Oh wait - there's two cats in there! 

Now that's safe, for sure.
6.  Waiting for the very elderly woman in line in front of me at Wal-mart to go through the entire process of applying for a Wal-mart credit card - very slowly filling out the forms - only to discover that she had no acceptable form of identification along to complete the process.  All of this happened after I had already loaded an entire cart full of items onto the belt.  No, she did not get the new members' $50 gift card, which was really all she wanted anyway.

7.  People who don't thank, or tip at all (and I mean zero, zilch, nada, $0) their servers in restaurants.  Also, people that treat their servers as if they are underlings.  
I'm in the left line today.
8.  I don't like receiving a "fauxpology" - a lame, half-a**ed, one word apology, given in a non-apologetic and sarcastic tone of voice.  "Sorry."

9.  Having "schmoop"  loaded onto me - pressure from the media or tradition that wants you to behave a certain way at any holiday.

That's it.  I do not have ten gripes, because I only have nine today.

Oh wait, I do:

10.  I would hate it if this were to happen to us.  And, you can bet lots of money on it that I would be griping if it did:

Ahhhhh.  The load has lifted, and everything seems lighter.

Now, if everybody would just behave themselves, I wouldn't have to have these gripe sessions.  What are the chances?     


  1. I always like a good rant! Doesn't it make you feel better?!

  2. I like most of your rants except when I have the Jeep behind my motor-home, I need to park where I don't have to back up and can get out without damaging anything. I would probably park where that truck parked.