Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What Happens In Vegas...

...helps the people of the world get healthier and happier.  At least in the case of this week's Beachbody Summit event in Vegas, it will.

Caleb's first view of Las Vegas after a late Sunday evening arrival
Son Caleb is spending the week in Las Vegas, Nevada with the purpose of attending the 2014 Team Beachbody convention.  At least 8000 of the 180,000 Beachbody fitness and nutrition coaches will be staying at the MGM Grand Hotel and attending the four day long event.

Daytime view of Vegas from his MGM Grand Hotel window
Coaches from all over the United States will be arriving throughout the week to attend this yearly event.  Classes will be offered to educate the coaches on many different facets of being a part of this fast growing business.  Large group events will serve to provide inspiration and motivation throughout the next year.  Several sessions are scheduled to recognize those coaches that have been highly successful in the past year.  There will be large scale workouts, led by those fitness celebrities like Tony Horton and Chalene, the creators of some of the most popular exercise programs in the world.

And, while all this is going on in Vegas, back in each coach's hometown are small groups of people, organized by these coaches, that are faithfully plugging away day by day, exercising and eating healthy and attempting to turn their lives around.

The fountains and entrance to Caesar's Palace on the strip
Caleb has arrived a few days earlier than the start of the convention, allowing himself some time to do a bit of sightseeing, meet up for mentoring by some of the other elite coaches from around the country, and work on a video presentation that will be part of a celebration highlighting the story of the #1 top Beachbody coach, Lindsay Matway, later this week.  

Working on the video in his hotel room
She has asked him to create a 3 to 5 minute video highlighting her story and her passion for helping others become healthy and fit.  Because she has been active in mentoring Caleb in this business, he is very glad to return the favor and is honored that his work will be shared at her program.

We urged him not to come home from Las Vegas without seeing any of the spectacular shows that are available there to see, and so he has purchased tickets to three shows.  Last night he saw the always popular Blue Man Group perform their highly entertaining and awesomely chaotic show, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  Tonight he will see the "Zarkana" Cirque show, and tomorrow evening he will take in the "Ka" Cirque show there in the MGM where the convention is hosted.  

With a gathering of more than 8000 Beachbody coaches all in one place at the same time, and all them fanatical about fitness, friends, and fun, I feel certain that what happens in Vegas this time will be coming home.

Caleb's gonna have some experiences and tales to tell, for sure.

And I can't wait to hear them.


  1. What a fantastic experience and opportunity for Caleb. And to be able to see some great shows while he's there - even better. Maybe he would want to ride the High Roller.

  2. Some work and fun for Caleb!