Monday, June 30, 2014

She Certainly Caught A Whopper!

This old car stopped at our breakfast stop.
Yes, grandtwin Brianna caught a whopper Saturday evening, right from her family's riverside campsite, but we didn't get word of this mighty catch until we returned home from our pleasant one day road trip on some of the backroads of central Pennsylvania.

The husband/lover/driver and I set out Saturday morning to just simply spend the day together, enjoy each other, and head in the direction of a local fruit and vegetable farm and cafe we had read about somewhere.  Mapquest was telling us it was about an hour's drive, so we first stopped to try breakfast at Panera Bread (because I only recently realized they even served breakfast.)

Apparently every time I entered Panera Bread in the past, I was so enthralled by the luscious looking baked goods they display right there in the foyer, that I never even noticed the sign boards indicating breakfast is available.  Eh, it was nothing to write home about, and in no time, we buckled up and headed out to find the farm market.

Apple display at the market
The Way Cafe and Fruit Farm is located in the boonies but somewhere sorta on the outskirts of Port Matilda, Pennsylvania.  The market area had a very nice display of locally grown fruits and vegetables and we stocked up a bit.  Numerous varieties of apples were in abundance, and lots of folks were showing up to pick their own strawberries in the adjacent fields.  A special kids area was available in the market where kids could use small farm vehicles and dig and play in a large vat of corn kernels.

Twins Tori and Brianna recently did some of their own strawberry picking at a local farm, and we heard that strawberry shortcake was their dinner that evening.  Doesn't get any better than that.

After leaving the farm market, we realized we were not all that far from a Corps of Engineers campground at Raystown Lake that we had camped at several years ago.  We decided to drive there and take a look again at the camping options now that we have a larger camper.

Raystown Lake
Although the views of the lake are beautiful and lots of campers and boaters are enjoying the campground and lake, we were disappointed to find that none of the campsites have full hook-ups yet.  Electric is available at each site, but that is all.  I'm more luxury minded than that, I guess.

So, we kept driving.  And, my driver missed a key turn that would get us home in a timely manner.  Sometimes he overestimates my ability to stay happy and content in a car.

Anyway, we saw these interesting patterns and colors in a rock cutout along the way,

and this very cute tiny house.  I've always been fascinated with the growing tiny house movement.

And now for the whopper.  It wasn't long after we arrived home that this photo came in of Brianna's humongous catch.  Apparently it nearly bent her kiddie fishing rod in half.  I think the smile on her face tells the tale best of all.

Meanwhile, down the bank a ways, apparently her sister Tori was fishing like a madwoman, not to be outdone by Brianna.  Tori had success and another whopper was caught - a very large snapping turtle - but before a picture could be taken it broke the line and was gone.

Or, such is the story we were told.

But we all know how those fishing tales go.......


  1. Wow, what a nice fish. Give her my congratulations.

  2. Its been confirmed as of this evening. The whopper fish was too much for the kiddie pole to handle. It tore the inside of the reel to shreds lol. Guess its time for an upgrade :) Rachel