Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How Is It Possible...

Brianna, Rachel, and Tori
...that my firstborn child could turn 34 yesterday?  Yeppers.  Rachel, whose labor and delivery I remember as if they were yesterday, is now 34 years old.

That makes me almost older than dirt.

It was in those early days of her life that I joined the ranks of those called "Mother."

It was in those early days that my hubby and I gleefully (and naively) entered the category of "parents."

It was in those early days that I learned about sacrificial love.

It was in those early days that I fell so hopelessly and shamelessly in love with that little bundle, that I amazed even myself.

It was in those early days that I knew I'd do whatever it took to give that little girl the best shot at the very best life.

And, it was in those early days that I began to learn how much I really didn't know.

By golly, now she's 34.

How did that happen?

Last night we took some birthday pizzas to Rachel and her family, and as usual the twins had lots of stuff to tell us about and to show us.

First they showed us their newly rearranged rooms.

Then Tori updated us about their two canaries - yes, they are still in love and still married and enjoying living together in the same birdcage.

Tori and Brianna both showed us the holes from several recently lost teeth.  Brianna asked Tori if she had received a dollar for the last one she lost.  Tooth Fairy business has inflated greatly from when I was a kid.  That's for darn sure.

Then during dinner they both gleefully announced that they had been promoted to THIRD GRADE.

After dinner, while I caught up on the other family happenings, the girls were giving tours of their "treehouse."  I dare you to look at this picture and NOT get the "Frozen" song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  Sorry!

Tori, our son Caleb, and Brianna
All in all, it was a very pleasant birthday visit.  Happy birthday, Rachel!

In another part of Pennsylvania, this little princess is celebrating her THIRD birthday today.  Daughter Lindsay made Ellie this fancy birthday outfit so she could properly celebrate the day at daycare.

To make things very special for the celebration, princess cupcakes and other treats for snack time were sent along with Ellie to share with her teachers and classmates.  Lindsay is always so crafty and loves paying attention to the details.

Again, it seems like it was just yesterday when Ellie was born.

I sure do love these two special birthday girls, and I wish them both a year ahead filled with health, happiness, and many special blessings.


  1. I know where you are coming from. Our oldest just turned 30 and we both cannot believe it...never can Kelly...lol

    Those kids are just so adorable!

    I love the butterfly idea. Great!

  2. Okay - if you are older than dirt what does this make us - Jim's first born son turned 51 last Sunday. 51!!!! I agree with Marsha - the butterflies are a great idea.

  3. Time sure does fly by. My grandson is in his mid 20's. If you feel as old as dirt, then I must be at least twice as old as dirt. . .

  4. Happy Birthday to your firstborn! Time does fly by!