Friday, June 27, 2014

A Beautiful Beautician

Lindsay (center back, with Ellie)
Oops, I missed it.  I only learned late last evening that yesterday was National Beautician's Day.  As my Lindsay, daughter #2, is a beautician, I quickly shot off a message to her before bedtime.

So, today I want to honor her with this blog post, and highlight just a few of her many beautiful facets.

We are so blessed Lindsay is our daughter.  She is the daughter any parents would yearn to have - a true dream come true.  So loving and generous, kind and pleasant.

Her siblings can verify that she is a great sister.  For her, life is all about the family.  Even as a little girl, she was a tiny mother to her siblings.  For Lindsay, it is not uncommon to put the needs of her siblings before her own, and she is generous almost to a fault with her nieces and nephew.

Lindsay with sister Sarah and grandfather "Happy"
Lindsay married young, at 19, and may I just say for the record that her husband Todd is one lucky guy.  She grew up always wanting some day a husband who would love her and a happy home with children.  God has answered her prayers and she has both a man who is crazy about her and two wonderful children, Jarrod and Ellie, that are the joys of her life.

Husband Todd with Ellie
There is nothing Lindsay loves more than spending time in the evenings and weekends with her family, whether it be a short walk to the park to feed the ducks, or a trip to a distant amusement park.  Every birthday and holiday is another occasion for her to make somebody's day special.

Jarrod and Ellie

Lindsay and Ellie, at Ellie's first birthday shindig

And finally, although there's so much more I could say about our beloved Lindsay, I'll close by saying she's a superb employee in the retail store of our family's business and at the hair salon where she works part time.  Her creative capabilities always keep the seasonal displays in the retail store looking fantastic, and anyone looking at Ellie's little hairstyles can see that there has been a very capable beautician at work.

Lindsay, we love you!  Happy National Beautician's Day!

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  1. A belated happy beautician's day to beautiful Lindsay! She deserves all the happiness in life.