Sunday, June 1, 2014

Westward Ho

Our house must be getting lonely.

"Germall, come see me....."
I arrived home after hanging out at the lodge for a bit over a week, repacked my bags, and left again the next morning.  Son Caleb will have to hold down the home fort for a while.

A certain little guy out in western Ohio was calling for Germall.  I'm pretty sure I heard him.  No, actually, I'm sure I did.  So what's a Germall to do?  Get in the car and go, of course.

The husband/lover/driver loaded up the car and we got on our way.   Our daughter Lindsay was coming along to meet her sister Sarah's newborn baby Gabriel for the first time, too.

It was a pleasant roughly seven hour drive heading west on route 80 through Pennsylvania and Ohio.  With sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 70's at each stop, the hours easily rolled by.

We amused ourselves with the usual curiosities one notices or passes by on any road trip.

There was a new car truck with a tiny four wheeler on the top level.

I always think that if I ever moved from Pennsylvania, I'd miss the scenery.  A state filled with beautiful scenes of mountains, valleys, pastoral farmland and rivers, Pennsylvania just has it all.  As we climbed in elevation until we reached this high point, I thought about how I'd miss this beauty if I ever moved.

The three of us made a delightful discovery as we passed the miles - the BEST SNACK EVER.  Twizzlers super long cherry nibs.  They are amazing and I ate way too many of them.  Every road trip should include a bag of these in the vehicle, and this is not even a paid endorsement.

We celebrated as we passed the state line between Pennsylvania and Ohio, but mostly for the notification that a rest stop was not too far down the road.

The best part of a long day in the car?  The reward at the end.  Hello Gabriel!


  1. You did just what a good "Germall" would do. Enjoy the baby while you can. I love the Pennsylvania scenery. I lived there half my life and loved the forest and camping and canoeing. I guess PA has everything except deserts.

  2. I've got to find those Twizzlers . . . Nicolas and I love cherry nibs! Your new little grandson is a cutie!