Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Very Close Call

We continue to enjoy our visit with newborn grandson Gabriel out here in western Ohio.

This puppy had a close call.
Meanwhile the report yesterday from son Caleb back at the ranch in northern Pennsylvania gave me the chills, and then later the nightmares.  I hate snakes, and this close call was of the snake variety.  The poisonous snake variety.  Truly the stuff of my nightmares.

According to Caleb's account of the incident, and after thinking it over (and over and over like any loving mother will do), I have decided that we came out on the very fortunate end of this stick.

Caleb had let his puppy Sheila out to do her business, and like any other puppy she was investigating the area to find her one exact perfect spot at which to do what she needed to do.  In the searching process, she located this rattlesnake who proceeded to buzz in preparation for a strike.

From quite a ways away, Caleb heard the telltale buzzing.

He called the dog, who, fortunately obeyed, backed up, and stayed back away from the rattler.

As you can see, it's a pretty good sized snake, about 24 inches according to Caleb.  I shudder to go down that "what if...?" road.

Let's just say that particular rattlesnake has been relocated.  It had been hanging out on a rock pile way too close to the lodge, and in an area where we would often be walking around.

Not only that, but Caleb is staying there in the mountains right now by hisveryownself.  Nobody else for miles around.

God, please put your protective angels around Caleb. And his puppy Sheila.



  1. Rattlesnakes prefer not to bite you, that is why they warn you to back off.

  2. So happy things ended well for both your son and his puppy