Sunday, March 23, 2014

When is it Time to go South?

This seems to be the Winter that just won't quit.

Yesterday the hubby and I were discussing how done with Winter we both are.  I said to him that although I'm tired of Winter now, I do think I'd miss the changing of the seasons if we were to live in a tropical climate that didn't change four times a year.

To that he replied that yes, in theory, it can be pleasant to experience four different seasons a year.  However, here in central Pennsylvania, it's really nearly eight months of winter weather.  This year winter started early in October and will no doubt continue well into May or so.

Not only is it cold and windy the majority of those days, it is also usually cloudy on the other days.  To have a pleasant sunny and warm day is a rarity in these parts.

What makes people decide to go South?

So many folks become "snowbirds" and head south for at least the winter months.  Others retire and completely relocate to a warm, sunny, southern location to live out the rest of their lives.

Do these people just hate snow?

What exactly is it that pushes people over that "edge" and causes them to make the migration south?

I've always joked that I thought Florida would eventually sink under the water due to the weight of all those old people moving down there.  Now add to that the weight of the snake population which all reports claim is growing every day, and maybe I'm not so off the mark.

Ironically, I'm finding myself having the "Should I move South, and if so, when and where?" thoughts.  I've become one of those old coots I joked about for so long.

What are your thoughts?  If you are one of those that migrates south, how did you settle on the decision to do so?

Right now I just want some sunny, warm days.


  1. I moved south for work. If I hadn't, my career advancements would have come to an end. Now that I am here, I don't want to move back to PA. I do, however, love to come to your and my former home state, but just to visit. Been in the south way too long. I moved to Texas in 1980.

  2. We are snowbirds and I wouldn't have it any other way. Even ten years ago I didn't mind winter too much but with each passing winter, the thought of the cold, the snow, the fear of falling on the ice started growing in my mind. After being on the road for over five years I can no longer even contemplate spending the winter in the cold. I honestly think I could handle the summer heat here in AZ better than I could the cold. Jim hasn't reached that point yet. So for as long as we can we will head south - usually in October, take a month or more to go south and then head north usually in May and take a month or more to go north. That really works for us.

  3. My hubby and I made the decision to head south 40+ years ago when we moved from Nebraska to Florida just after we got married. We never regretted our decision, but several years ago we moved "up north" to south Georgia for 5 years. We got plenty of change of seasons there and did really, enjoy their spring and fall. Not so much the winter. We're fulltimers now mostly spending our time between the Fl Keys and the north GA mountains. You can keep winter. I hate the days/weeks without seeing the sun and the dreary weather.