Sunday, March 2, 2014

This Stuff is Older Than Dirt!

I am in the midst of a craft project that will require the use of my ancient pinking shears.  In case you didn't know, pinking shears are used to cut a zigzag edge.

My pinking shears are solely for fabric and are approximately 50 years old, to the best of my calculations.  They were given to me by my grandmother when I was back in my teens and she was teaching me how to sew.  I have no idea how old these shears were before they were given to me.  So they are not exactly as old as dirt, but are quite old nonetheless.

Over the years, I've used these shears for quite a few projects, and never once had them sharpened since I received them.  They were certainly way overdue for a little TLC.  So, I made some calls to the local sewing shops and got absolutely nowhere.  Nobody nearby sharpens these things, but I was finally referred to "a guy way out there in the country who will probably fix you up there."

Well, I will say this:  The day I went to take care of this business, it was a very pleasant drive. I traveled more than a few miles out into the country where the Amish folks have black buggies parked in their yards and miles of dark colored laundry strung out from their homes.

An Amish schoolhouse with school in session.

For a little bit of gas, a relaxing drive, and a mere two bucks, I got my shears sharpened and was good to go.

Calculating how old those pinking shears are got me to thinking about some of the other stuff in my home that is also practically as old as dirt.

Buried in a toy drawer in one of our living room end tables is this old Shari Lewis "Charlie Horse" puppet that my husband played with when he was a boy.  Probably 55+ years old.

My very bottom dresser drawer is a treasure trove of old stuff.  After a bit of excavating I found one of my favorite childhood dolls.  It still has a bit of the original hair, and is one of those dolls whose eyes closed while it was laying down and opened when the doll was held upright.

Those eyes are kinda creepy, huh?

Also in that drawer I found this little wax doll.  While on our honeymoon back in 1978, my husband put a quarter in a machine on the property of Cypress Gardens in Florida.  Out came this little wax doll.  At the time there were beautiful girls dressed in long plantation style gowns located at various spots in the gardens, and the little doll resembled one of those girls.  Why I still have it, I have no idea.  Maybe because it was his first "married" gift to me?

Digging deeper, I found this lacy garter that I wore when we got married.  I think it was the "something blue" of that old what-to-wear-for-your-wedding ditty, 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.'  I bet I could barely get it over my foot now.

Up on the top of my dresser sits this beautiful wooden jewelry box.  A high school boyfriend made it in wood shop and gave it to me one Christmas.  Although that relationship ended several years after that, I still use the jewelry box today.  All the inside compartments are nicely lined with felt, and it works for me just fine.  I figure it's right around 40 years old.

And finally, in my kitchen desk drawer, holding various odds and ends, sits this little clay bowl.  To the best of my recollection I made this in art class back when I was in about 2nd grade.  That would make it 50 years old.  I was so clever I even painted the inside.

I'm certainly not one who likes to keep loads of junk around.  However, I'm gonna have to think twice before I get rid of these little treasures.

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