Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flinging Open the Door, Finally

There is nothing more important to me in this life than my relationship with Jesus Christ.


I said what I've wanted to say here for quite a long time.

This is my 550th blog post, and why I haven't come right out before now with that, I just don't know.

Oh, I suppose I've adequately hinted around at my faith in various posts here and there, but still, I have not ever really come right out and defined what matters most to me.

When I began writing this blog almost two years ago, I imagined it would be a place to share my comings and goings.  If I'd travel, I'd share that.  If I'd stay home, I'd write about what I was doing, crafting, cooking, reading, etc., at home.  And, all along the way I'd share my thoughts.

I've done all of that to be sure.

I've shared about our lovely trips out of the country to Jamaica and St. Lucia.

You've seen reports of our other trips within the states, and many of them in our camper or at our little cabin on the mountain.

You've read about new crafty projects I've put together, and recipes I've tried.

I've welcomed you into our home and shown you our ongoing home renovation, decorating and organizational projects.

Most certainly by now you know how delighted I am with all our grandchildren; there've been plenty of photos included in my blog showing my fun times together with them.

You've seen the ridiculous antics of our silly puppy.

You've participated in our holiday celebrations and followed the changing holiday decor through my blog updates.

The fact is, my life has been an open door in the daily posts of this blog.


That door has been open only a very tiny crack, to be completely honest.  There's this whole other part that hasn't been exposed - the part that is not "the tip of the iceberg, but the rest of the stuff below the surface."

Why am I getting so deep and philosophical today?

It's because of what I read this morning in my daily morning reading.

Each morning I read a small section of the Bible, and lately what I've been reading seems clearly to be a reminder that my life on this earth is a temporary assignment.  The Bible seems stocked full of phrases that all refer to the brief and temporary nature of life on earth.

Specifically, life is described as:

     a mist

     a fast runner

     a breath

     a wisp of smoke

     a shadow

If any of these descriptions are true, and I do believe the Bible to be the true and inspired word of God, then I cannot waste any more time keeping my true self behind a mostly closed door.

You see, even though I have always been a fairly private person about my faith and what matters to me, the reality is that there is nothing in this life that concerns me more than whether the people in my life know Jesus Christ or not.

From now on, don't be surprised if you read more from me on this subject.

Earth is not our final home; we were created for something much, much better.


  1. very well said. . .a quote by Oswald Chambers changed my life in this regard:

    I'm not required to "save" anyone. . .I'm only required to share Jesus. . .my goal. . .that each one I come in contact with be introduced in some way. . .big or small. . .

    May angels open every door that you encounter!

  2. Nice! Thanks to both of you. Where is that quote from Oswald Chambers?

  3. You may write all you want about our Lord and Savior. I will gladly read it!

    I, too, love our Lord!

  4. It is your blog! Say what you feel!

  5. Interesting post and well written. I've never been sure what to make of the Bible with all of its contradictions and flat out myths but I've never believed it to be the word of God.

    As for your blog it's your right to say whatever you want of course. If it's interesting then I'll continue to read it even if I don't agree with everything.

  6. Good for you! We know that our Redeemer lives and it is our responsibility to share him with others. Looking forward to more of your posts.

  7. I to believe in our Father in Heaven and love Him with all my heart. So write away.

  8. Thank you for speaking out about our Lord, Jill. When I came across your blog, I went back to the very beginning, and read every entry you posted. Reading this entry has truly made me happy. May God bless you... Lynn (your fellow blogger)