Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Back From My Hiatus

I've been galavanting around and away from home for ten out of the last 13 days, and since part of that time was spent in a no cell phone no WIFI zone, I took a brief break from blogging.

The first six days I spent up on top of my beloved mountain which was still heavily laden with lots of snow.  In fact, it was no small deal to get all of us, our belongings, and our food back in to our cabin.  With about a foot of snow still on the ground when we arrived at the edge of our property, we decided to fire up a snowmobile and go from there in with it.

It easily hauls lots of weight, and so by making several trips, each time hauling two people and a wagon full of gear, we made it back in to our cabin before dark.

Our puppy, Sheila, either runs ahead or rides in the wagon with one of us.  She has boundless energy, so her preference is to run and lead the way.

These two snowmobiles have been around for quite some time, and have seen plenty of adventures over the years.

My father always has them serviced and ready to go at the beginning of each winter.  Some winters when we have very little snow, we question the expense.  However, during a winter like the one that is finally ending, we've been glad to be able to put the key in and have reliable transportation when conditions are too prohibitive to use our trucks.

My parents, aged 79 and 80, have had extensive snowmobiling adventures, and are still going strong and enjoying being out in the woods in all conditions.  We love spending time with them, and we are grateful they share their "toys" with us.

Ready for a ride - son Caleb, my mother and father
The forests are just so lovely and peaceful on a sunny, winter day.  Gliding through the woods and seeing the pristine, white snow easily calms the spirit.  Although many folks gripe about any snow, to me it's so pleasant to see so much WHITE, undirtied snow.  The only markings were the tracks we left, and oodles of animal tracks criss crossing through the woods.

I find that in the woods there's always something to be discovered, if one makes a point of being observant.  There are quirky tree stumps,

fungus growing here and there,

and plenty of lichens, too.

In a matter of one week, it seemed like we experienced three seasons.  Frigid snowy winter weather at times,  Spring-like blue skies and warmth requiring only a light jacket on other days,

and melting icicles along with a windy Fall-like rainstorm on the day we left.  Let me just say that snowmobiling in a driving rain is not so much fun.  Those blowing raindrops feel like little needles slamming full speed into your face.  

There may have been one slight snowmobiling mishap.  On occasion, when maneuvering a snowmobile, in some situations, it's actually a better idea to go faster.  On one of our outings, rounding a sharp corner too slowly, the hubby dumped our sled and us too.  Heads down in the snow, arses up.

Although there were no injuries, there was plenty of giggling and a few ridiculous body contortions while excavating ourselves from our spill.    Giggles ----> Laughing ----> Peeing a little ----> More giggling ----> More laughing ----> More ...  Well, you get the picture.

Of course, as always, during our time at the cabin there were some projects to be accomplished.  For one, we needed more firewood in the cabin.  While the men loaded wood, the women inside tended the fire and cooked some mighty fine food.

And most certainly, all those manly projects require manly 
toys tools.

It may come as no surprise that all that fresh air and hard work usually results in frequent naps.

After returning to civilization, I spent just one day laundering our clothing and repacking for my next road trip.  

Youngest daughter Sarah's baby is due mid-May, and her baby shower will be happening in just another week and a half.  So, I headed down again to the Lancaster area to work with daughter Lindsay on baby shower preparations.  

Sarah, knowing where I was and what we were doing, showered us back in her own way.  Tormented by the knowledge that we were working on surprises for her, she called us practically every hour wanting details.  I told her seventeen horses cannot drag it out of me.  All will be revealed in due time.  Patience, Sarah.  

Granddaughter Ellie was instructed to wear green to school on St. Patrick's Day.  Although two-year-olds typically have no clue about any of this green tradition, including the pot of gold, rainbows, and especially leprechauns, Ellie's mother did her part. 

Isn't Ellie just the cutest little leprechaun you ever did see?  Those blue eyes melt me every time.

Snowmobiling, check.
Laundry, check.
Baby shower preparations, check.
St. Patrick's Day with a cutie, check.
Home again, check.  (At least for a few days.)
More laundry, check.

Add to all of that a consultation with our landscaper (our lawn needs some serious work), and a visit to our financial planner, and we are back to our usually busy schedule.

No wonder I didn't have time to blog.


  1. I sure would have enjoyed being with you all at your cabin in the woods. Especially with all the snow. Glad you all had such a good time.

  2. i agree there is nothing like the beautiful white snow but I don't want to enjoy it in person anymore. So I can just sit back in the wonderful sunshine and enjoy your beautiful pictures. The nap picture is really priceless but let me tell you - that little leprechaun is the best.

  3. This sounds like a great time!