Monday, November 19, 2012

The Cornucopia: Kiddie Game #2 / Table Decor

We are packing the bags.  Loading the truck.  "Over the river and through the woods, to" the family cabin we go.  Every possible thing we will need must be brought along, as it is QUITE a long ways down and out from our quiet mountaintop retreat.

And the kiddies must be thought of.  With no electricity or television, we make up our own fun.  Playing games together at our cabin over the years has left me with many, many fond memories of good times.

Then last night I was notified by daughter Rachel, that the twins are beside themselves, giddy with excitement to go to the family cabin for Thanksgiving.  Last time they went, they were four, and were telling everyone "they were going to the cabinet."  Now they are six, and can read and write a bit.  This.  Will.  Be.  Fun.

In yesterday's post I shared a Thanksgiving game, Turkey Math, that I will be taking along.  We will play that game with the kids while waiting for the turkey to roast, while swooning over the delicious smells permeating the kitchen.

Since I like to pretend on occasion that I am Martha fruitcake Stewart, the grandkids will also be helping me create our table decor, after playing the "Cornucopia" game.   Again, I found what I needed at the local Dollar Store.

Here's what I bought there:

     - two empty cornucopias
     - a package of fake veggies

This is basically a Thanksgiving trivia game.  You could create two teams among your family members, or just play one child against another.  Contestants take turns answering a trivia question about Thanksgiving ( Pilgrims, Indians, Mayflower, etc.)  

When I was a Sunday School teacher years ago, I would team up the girls vs. the boys and use this game around Thanksgiving to review details about the lesson taught that day.  I always had two prizes, though, in order to avoid conflicts.  However, the "winning" team picked their prize first.  Gotta have that incentive, you know!

If the given question is answered correctly, the player adds a veggie to his cornucopia.  If incorrect, play passes to the opponent.

At the end of the questions, the team having the most fully loaded cornucopia wins.  And then, they can be used as decorative table centerpieces, and the kids will feel special.  How easy is that?  

I'm all about simple and quick, and this idea literally took me all of five minutes in the Dollar Store and then loading the pieces into a zip-loc bag.

Oh, and one last fun thing.  The kiddos will be setting the table and making the utensil packs.  Here's what is needed:

     - fall scrapbook type papers, cut (ahead by an adult) into rectangles 6" x 8"
     - Thanksgiving stickers

Right side out, fold the long edge on the bottom up about 2 inches.  This is to make the pocket for the utensils.

Fold the sides in so they overlap a bit, and apply a sticker.  Load the utensils, lay the packet on the plate and you're done.  Geez, we are just so crafty.  

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  

"Over the river and through the woods,....."


  1. well how cute is all of that...the cabin sounds like a wonderful spot..no electricity or tv...family time!!!!

  2. Enjoy your family trip, Jill! With all that you've prepared, I'm sure you all will have a good time there. Happy thanksgiving!