Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Weekend of Simple Pleasures

Just returned from a very pleasant weekend away doing some of my favorite things - relaxing, relaxing, and more relaxing.  I escaped to the mountains of central Pennsylvania to our family's cabin in the woods with the husband and my parents for some good old R and R.

Although we have indoor plumbing, we do not have electricity or any form of cell phone or computer internet, so our times spent there take us back to a simpler way of doing things.  Quiet, peaceful, and restful.  

Since we are way up on the mountaintop, and far  from any other civilization, going there for a weekend is a true getaway.  It's not unusual for some of us to just spend an entire day in our pajamas.  Oh yeah, I did that on Saturday.

Here then are a few of the simple pleasures of our weekend in the woods:

1.  Beautiful solitude surrounding us outside every window and door.

2.  Hours sitting in the rocking chair staring at the crackling fire in a stupor.

3.  Quietly escaping into all my favorite magazines while those around me drift in and out of naps.  Here is some of the good stuff I found:

     -A turkey game to play with my twin granddaughters when I see them over Thanksgiving.

     -A new recipe to try - Fall Quinoa Pilaf

     -How to make individual apple pies in small mason jars.  (Can't wait to try that one!)

     -Directions for creative Thanksgiving table decor and napkins. 

4.  A morning cup of steaming coffee and a good book.  In my Kindle of course.

5.  A contented husband with his cup of coffee and daily crossword puzzle.

6.  Trying out several new recipes on the guinea pigs family members.  Both recipes, a chicken cranberry salad and a shepherd's pie covered in tator tots, were keepers.

7.  Pumping water to wash the dishes and wake up all the nappers.

As always the weekend flew by too fast.  Someone always speeds up the clocks on the weekends and turns them down real slow on Mondays.  

I'm thankful, as always, for these brief opportunities to get away and enjoy nature and relax.  

So so true.

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  1. I always felt lucky when I got to spend time at our camp (Trails End) in the woods of Pennsylvania.