Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Things That Trip My Trigger....

....tickle my fancy, turn me on.  Today I simply want to share with you a miscellaneous variety of  photos from my collection.  For whatever reason, I experience a small surge of happiness whenever I come across these little bits of delight.

Here we go.

Mini airstreams -
     What is it about these little silver bullets that I find so cool?  They are ungodly expensive and they don't exactly blend in with the environment, although how many campers nowadays really do?  I'm just so fascinated with them and the fact that they last practically forever.  Here's a little guy parked near me recently in a shopping center lot.

I think this is the Bambi model.
Unique campers -
     I get a kick out of the imagination some folks use to accomplish their goal of camping.

Really old campers
     We saw this next one at the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum of Early Aviation and Local History in Hammondsport, New York several weeks ago.  Glenn Curtiss developed this streamlined travel trailer in 1929.

Seeing how people did their chores long, long ago
     We saw this old washing machine at the same museum.  I think I'd rather just go down to the creek and take care of the washing there.

Unexpected wildlife sightings
     We saw this bear coming out of the brush one day last month while camping in the Tioga-Hammond Lakes area of northern Pennsylvania.

Delight on the grandchildren's faces
     There was some fun at my house on a recent after school game session.  (Some cheating too.)

Twins Brianna and Tori playing Smash the Gopher

Discovering really old stuff in the "undergarments" of my home
     This wallpaper was recently uncovered in an ongoing office renovation project in our house.

Uniquely cool birdhouses
     We saw this one in a hardware store in the Amish area near Berlin, Ohio this past June.

Here is a another look at how it is constructed.  I am showing this so hopefully the husband/lover/best friend/birdhouse builder can take note.

Finding a new diner to try
     We were recently at a wedding in the Honeybrook, Pennsylvania area and stopped at this recommended diner for a bite to eat on our way home.  The mozzarella cheese sticks and Frickles (fried pickles) were delicious!

Catching a fish, or watching somebody else reeling in the big one
     I don't know who this child is, but I love the delight on his face.  I could put this picture on my wall!

My husband contentedly tinkering with some tools, assembling his new little grill
     A man and his tools, what can I say?  And doing this WHILE CAMPING.  ON VACATION.  It can't get much better than that, right?

Geez, I'm practically doing the happy dance today!

How about you?  What trips YOUR trigger?


  1. BTW, back in 1959, I went with my Uncle, Aunt, and cousin to an airstream convention at Colorado Springs. We left PA. Headed west for the get to get her than up through Glacier Park, into Canada, and back to Pennsylvania via Niagra Falls. Will always remember that two month trip.

  2. I would love to have an airstream. The big version!