Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Am So Rude!

I always thought of myself as basically a kind and respectful person.  I place a high importance on treating others in a good and upright manner.  However, lately I am wondering about myself.

As I write this, Election 2012 is winding down.  The votes are being tallied, and outcomes are being posted.  My vote is in, and I have done my civic duty for today.

But what's concerning me is my behavior over the last few days.  I've been totally unlike my normal self!  You may ask what has happened, and so I'll spell it out for you.  Folks, I've been bad.  This will not be a "pretty" blog post today.

1.  Millions of people travel miles from their homes to catch a rally when President Obama is within reach.  They suffer through large crowds of people and parking nightmares.  They stand for hours just to catch a glimpse or a handshake from the man.  They even allow rooftop sharp-shooting snipers on Obama's security team to aim high-powered rifles at their heads to attend these events.

Me?  President Obama called me the other night.  Yes, on my phone he called me.  But it was dinner time!  Even HE should know that dinner time in a family home is a sacred time, and should not be interrupted.

So what did I do?  I HUNG UP ON PRESIDENT OBAMA!  I am so rude.

2.  Sarah Palin called me this morning.  Even though I loved my travels back in 1979 throughout Alaska and think it's lovely country up there, and although I really like her glasses, (they are the same style as mine except for mine are the cheaper generic version), she interrupted my morning coffee and blog reading.

I was irritated, and so what did I do?  I HUNG UP ON SARAH PALIN!  I am so, so rude.

3.  The phone rang again today at while I was eating my lunch.  Now I think Ann Romney is one classy gal.  She dresses nicely and looks exceedingly well for her age.  However, a sandwich and coke were waiting there to be eaten, along with a heaping handful of Gibbles Cheesies, and well, the ugly side of me came right out.

Without thinking, I slammed down the phone.  I HUNG UP ON ANN ROMNEY!  I am beyond rude.

4.  My rudeness seems to know no bounds.  As I thought back over the last three months, I realized that this little sin had taken root in me, and grown and grown daily.  I received 117 political letters and postcards, large and small and every single one was torn up and discarded by me.  WITHOUT BEING READ!  I am out of control rude.

And do you know what is the scary thing?  I don't even feel guilty.

Whatever the outcome:  Here's to the end of another annoying political campaign.


  1. I am sure glad it is over. We hardly got any political mail or phone calls. Maybe they know I have already made up my mind. I did vote and got to wear a sticker on my leather vest saying so.

  2. I will be glad to see the end of this campaign. I did my duty and voted as well. But, it has been a long, annoying campaign for sure.